Love Changes Everything

Love does indeed change everything as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical sang out for the world to hear. That song focused, as most people do when pondering the subject of love, upon the aspects of love within a relationship. “Days are longer, words mean more”, and “Love will never, never, let you be the same” are familiar lines to most of us. The pain and pleasure which can be felt within a relationship is also the subject matter of this song. At the same time, to quote from another sone we are “addicted to love”.

So many people are looking for love, searching for that perfect person to make their world complete. But this search often takes a person away from the very thing which they really want. Love comes from within and until you are happy in yourself, and feel a sense of love within yourself, you will not find it elsewhere. Love is not something which comes and goes; it is rather a state of being. Love is not outside of you, it is instead deep within you. In this sense, love can never be lost, or run away from you.

If you look for love to come to you from someone else, it may help you to feel good for the time being and therefore stop you from going to the places in your mind where you really need to go. When you are in the wrong relationship for the wrong reasons there will always be a feeling of dissatisfaction, but also a fear that if you lose that relationship, that source of love, what will you be left with?

Those who are in tune with their spiritual side are more than aware that real love comes from within, and therefore it cannot be lost. To take a journey into spirituality is often a very important way in which one becomes secure in their feeling of love, and their relationship with love. Love is not a physical thing and yet you can feel its impact in a very physical sense.

If you are looking for love or a sense of completeness, the first place to look is to look within, and to discover who you really are. Only by finding out who you are will you be in a position to get to a place where you know what you want in this life. Once you are in tune with your inner self, you will emit a powerful vibration which attracts everything which is right for you into your physical reality.

Remember that every thought you have has energy. If you are unsure of your own thoughts and feelings you will not be emitting your energy at a constant frequency, and so you will be attracting listeners who come and go as you drift from one channel to another. Only when your own love and completeness is constant within you will you attract someone with a similar constancy into your life.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis for change.