Love Addictions

Love Addictions

It is difficult to maintain faith in our spiritual power when we find ourselves co-mingled in someone else’s world, reality, or game. It is a nearly impossible to stay true to ourselves when the illusion of a ‘need’ for a relationship in our lives, or a ‘need’ for a person, overshadows the NEED for what is best for ourselves.

The kind of passion generated between lovers can be so intense that it becomes intoxicating. Emotional love is a dangerous drug to play with. There ARE consequences when we do not follow the ‘rules’ of a healthy relationship. Emotional love creates illusions of grandeur and conjures up lofty fantasies of easily flowing future bliss with our object of desire. We allow our significant others or potential significant others to fail us when the wishful thinking generated by our fantasies comes head to head with the very different opposing realities and wake up calls of our relationship.

Anything that intoxicates us can harm us. When we are under the influence of our chosen object of desire, our better judgment can become scrambled and blurred by the sensations of our feelings for that person, or our ideas of what that person represents to us. An addiction to another person is similar to an addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, food, or anything that we latch on to for escape from the struggles of everyday life. A deceptive hope of liberation through that person, drug, etc. inspires us, and seductively guides us into further self-destruction. The hope does not ever pan out to be more than a pipe dream, or a mirage, because no object of addiction can truly fulfill us, solve our problems or set us free. An object of addiction leaves us with the feeling of never having, ‘enough.’

Anytime a person is addicted to someone or something, they are in bondage. The addict always has an excuse for his or her behavior. Addition does not take responsibility for its existence. Therefore, in denial, we remain enslaved in its clutches, unable to take the first step in recovery, which is admitting to ourselves that we have a problem within ourselves that we ourselves have been creating.

Addiction will only pull a person deeper into its cunning trap as we feed it. Addiction is a downward spiral that leads into darker and more depressing places. In the later stages of development, it propels the desire in its victim to isolate from anything and anyone else that does not support the addiction.

I have never crossed paths with anyone who has not struggled with some form of addiction in their life. Those traveling on a spiritual journey will see the many temptations life presents day in and day out. Each of these moments we are given the opportunity to react addictively to any of the triggers around us. We can give into the mechanism, or we can break the cycle for that individual instance.

Once we understand the problem, we allow ourselves to open up more toward the solution. Please visit my website at for information on the next step