Lotion For Your Skin

Skin care should be designed to fit your type of skin. The skin is also the largest excretion organ, eliminating bodily waste through its pores. Choosing the right lotion for your skin is essential to ensure that perfect glow. Bath lotions are the ones that are supposed to use right after you took a shower. This is the type of lotion you need to apply if you stayed in the tub too long that wrinkles are showing in your fingers and toes. These lotions replace the essential oils that are normally washed off every time you take a bath. Milk baths are formulas that are supposed to be added to your regular tub of water during baths. Milk bath is made popular by Cleopatra, the Egyptian princess who became famous for her beautiful skin.

Vitamin E oil is an excellent antioxidant and helps to protect the skin as well as a nice preservative. Body lotions are ones you are supposed to put all over your body, for that instant moisturized effect. Most body lotions come in different scents and colors to fit your mood. It may also come with sunscreen and ultraviolet rays. Hand lotions provide instant relief for the hands because the skin absorbs this type of lotion easily. This is a very basic lotion skin care regimen that your body requires. protection. A moisturizing lotion perfect for your hands, body and face. Your skin will feel soft and silky after applying this therapeutic, deep conditiong lotion made from organic botanical oils. Shea butter, soy, jojoba, and more to deep moisturize and help protect your skin from harmful environmental elements.

Aloe & Jojoba hand and body lotion will take care your skin and keep it looking and feeling smooth and moist. Lavender blossom – The pure, wonderfully fragrant scent of lavender essential oil. Bergamot patchouli – a wildly fresh scent of spicey citrus with the sultry undertones of patchouli. A rare and sensuous combination of pure essential oils. Self-tanning lotions — Self-tanning lotions have not been known to cause problems because they are poorly absorbed through skin. Salicylic Acid — If used in a gel, lotion, ointment, pad, soap, or other topical solution, Salicylic Acid can help peel and dry the skin for the treatment of acne and other skin conditions. Lotions that remove your hair chemically (depilatories) or that minimize hair between shaves sound like a dream come true.