Losing Hope: American Politics – Nu Leadership Series

Men cease to interest us when we find their limitations. The sin is limitations. As soon as you once come up to a man’s limitations, it is all over with him.


In today’s contemporary organizations, leaders are in danger of losing credibility with followers. American ethics appear low for many leaders. While politicians and government officials are expected to demonstrate the highest moral character, some legislators do not. Some leaders argue that success should be the litmus test, not values.

Organization culture sways how people make decisions. Draft, an organizational behavorist, explained that organizational culture influences behaviors by creating acceptable responses. However, Heusler, a writer, maintained that although the government can not generate social cohesion, it has a critical role in stimulating activities to promote social cohesion.

Leaders must be willing to take personal responsibility for bad decisions. Authors Kouzes and Posner advocate leaders to “walk the talk.” With the continual band of unethical leaders, Americans grow leery of the amoral leader in political circles. Unfortunately, most people are naïve about the art of politics. Most are disgusted with political games. Let’s explore this matter closer. American politics are rooted in American political culture that promotes that government ought to work in accordance with a higher standard of right and wrong.

Citizens believe that the political system ought to operate in accordance with popular sovereignty. This concept is a value that relates to the belief that the only legitimate basis of political authority is the consent of the governed. However, the American political system stands different. Nelson, author of Why Americans hate Politics and Politicians, acknowledged that politics and politicians are imperfect; Americans are growing weary and taking actions.

Anti-political constitutional amendments are surfacing in a hope of providing term limits of members of Congress. Many advocates hope this new cynicism will be enough to change American politics for the good. We can only pray that it will. Only time will tell.


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