Lose Weight Easy and Fast – How to Rid Tummy Fat by Keeping a Weight Loss Diary

I found to lose weight easy and fast can be difficult. In our daily life the
majority of us run to schedules and time keeping. Drop the children off at
school by 8.30 be at work by 9 and so on. We keep important dates on calendars
and diary’s. People birthday’s, the dog’s haircut, and doctor’s appointments
the list goes on. The psychology behind a dairy or calendar is quite amazing.
And it can really help answer the question of how to rid tummy fat.

In a recent study by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research,
participants who kept food journals lost almost double the weight of their
nonjournaling counterparts. The study, published in the American Journal of
Preventive Medicine, focused on the efficacy of various behavioral weight-loss
interventions in more than 1,500 overweight and obese adults. Participants were
schooled on lifestyle interventions, which included weekly group sessions,
regular exercise, a heart-healthy diet, reduced alcohol consumption and the use
of food diaries.

If you keep dates, appointments and tasks all jumbled up in your mind then you
tend to forget them or the order they were in. But written down in a diary it is
no surprise that you keep these appointments, remember your mothers birthday
and the dog gets their all-important haircut. So it hopefully goes without
saying that we should keep ourselves a diary for our weight loss management
program. I do this and find it works
The first thing to do is buy a diary specifically for this task. You can do this
using your computer or mobile phone but I find it sticks more in your mind if
hand written. You also need to use a calendar. On the front of both of these I
write the title, my weight loss management program. I also like to write, how to
lose tummy fat – by sticking to my goals!

In my diary and on my calendar I date all my weight loss goals and I also date
rewards for achieving the goals. I found that it was also beneficial to make a
date two weeks before I was due to reach a goal just to remind me. This helped
me to focus more as I was getting nearer to the dates I had set myself. I keep
the dairy more as my personal journal and keep this private. Everyday I
keep a note of what I have eaten and anything that was particularly nice or
worth trying again. I would make a note of what I had done that day, any sporting
activity or shopping etc. I also noted how I felt. This was useful as I could
review days and see if I could see any traits developing as to why I may have
felt a bit down on certain days.

But why do the diaries work? Experts agree that ultimately the value lies in the
fact that you need to be personally accountable. Almost everyone agrees that
accountability is the most important ingredient behind any successful lifestyle
change, including weight loss.

If you follow these tips for losing weight as part of a weight loss management
program, you are sure to notice that YOU will lose weight easy and fast without
having to go on the latest fad diet, and you will soon be back on track to being
healthy and happy! Whatever you do, it is important to remember you can be
successful and you will lose weight easy and fast without having to starve