Lose weight before your big day in with a 10 day diet

So you have 10 days to lose weight maybe even 2 weeks and your probably thinking it’s never going to work. I simply can’t lose weight in only a couple of weeks unless I buy those magic weight loss pills or something like that.

Now I would be the first to agree a few years ago that losing weight in such as short time was not possible after all if it was wouldn’t everyone be thin?Well let me tell you it is not only possible to lose weight safely in a couple of weeks or on a ten day diet I actually have written a top selling book on the subject called lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.All it requires is a a tasty and interesting balanced diet so will power and guidance and a light and simple to follow exercise plan.

Did you know a diet can transform the way you feel about yourself and make changes in your life you never even dreamed of. How do you feel about yourself at this moment do you look a bit over weight fully dressed (it could just be your wearing the wrong type of clothes) let’s take it one step futher how good do you look naked.

I find people who step on the weighing scales always feel that they are being cheated if one day they weight 1-2 pounds more than the day before it happens so don’t worry. If you want why not give my method a try either use a mirror or take a digital photo of yourself every 3 days it really works wonders as you will see gradual changes that the scales might hide.

Often people dress in the wrong type of clothes which are either to tight or to loose and they will appear fatter than they really are. Another reason people feel fat is because they never see themselves face on but only from above.

After some heartfelt thinking you have come to the conclusion that maybe you really are a few pounds heavier than you would like and if you are going to look good on the beach or whatever you are going to have to do something about it.

It seemed ages when you first though of going on diet to loose weight but now the big day is getting closer and closer and so now you have only got a couple of weeks or so to lose around 10 pounds it’s going to be a challenge your up for isn’t it?

I find so many people screw up when they try and lose weight in a short space of time.Most people for some crazy reason just assume if you stop eating the weight will drop off.Ok maybe it will to some extent but by about the first half of week one you will be irritable, unhappy and starving. Hardly sets you up for a great vacation or party does it?

What ever the occasion honeymoon,party,hot date or even getting married if you follow the stavation diet for about a week by the time the big day arrives your ready for bed not ready to go and enjoy yourself.

So lets go back you’ve decided you want to lose 10 pounds but if you lost 6 or 7 maybe 8 pounds would it really be that bad? No of course not don’t worry about what the scales tell you and let your eyes guide you (remember that mirror) Now just shut you eyes a minute and imagine this …

How much more stunning and brimming with self confidence you will feel when your wearing that sexy dress or pretty bikini, think of all that attention and romance you are going to be getting when your partner gets a sight of your stunning new look and if your single you’ll be fighting the guys off.

Well was that more motivational than thinking about losing weight of course it is and this combined with a healthy eating plan and a mild but effective exercise regimen is all you need.

Seriously you don’t need a wonder pill and you don’t need to spend your entire life at the gym just follow a good 10 day diet or even a fourteen day diet what’s 4 days among friends and you will see amazing results.