Lose Belly Fat: How To Lose Your Fat Belly – The Easy Way!

Everybody wants to Lose Belly Fat, so they can have a “trim tummy”. Male and Female, today’s magazines are filled with models who’s first priority, is to showoff their absolutely flat, toned tummies or rock-hard “six-pack”! So why have you found it so hard, to get the great-looking midsection you want?

Well for one, the stomach region is a primary fat storage area for humans. That’s why your body fights against you, by removing fat from your other body areas first. You have to find a way to convince your body to do something, it will not naturally do on its own.

In addition to this, people who are trying to lose belly fat are faced with a huge assortment of Bad Methods: expensive equipment, expensive club memberships, expensive weight-loss franchises – none of which is needed to great those great-looking abs.

Fortunately for you, you CAN lose belly fat. And you can do it in a way, that does NOT require expensive fitness club memberships, needs NO expensive home fitness equipment, is easy to do and takes little time!

But first, you have to understand the methods which do NOT work, but are sold and promoted widely. Let’s start with the Worst – shall we?

#1: Ab Blasters, Ab Masters, and other “Infomercial Ab Machines”

Have you noticed how these come and go, and how there’s always a new, “better” one that’s just come onto the market? The reason none of these devices has a long consumer “lifespan”? They don’t work! Plus, some of the products (and the companies behind them) are so deceptive – they been hit with million-dollar fines!

#2: Endless Sit-ups, Crunches, and other “Ab Exercises”

Sit-ups don’t work, and they can create back problems. But even worse, doing lots of sit-ups can actually make your waist look thicker! Crunches are a bit better but again, back problems can be aggravated by them. Plus, you can do crunches forever, and not get a six-pack, nor a toned tummy. As for the many other so-called “ab exercises” – don’t waste your time. You won’t lose your belly fat, or get a great looking mid-section, by doing any “targeted” exercises like these.

#3: Targeted “Spot Reduction”

Which brings us to the final problem – “spot reduction” doesn’t work. When you lose a pound, your body decides where to take it from. There’s no way to “target” your abs (or any other body area), to specifically lose fat from that region.

So what CAN you do, to lose belly fat?

Your first step is to lose fat overall. Dieting can help, but to get that great-looking tummy, you need to combine diet AND exercise. But what kind of exercise is best?

You need to employ fully-body exercise. Specifically, you need to choose exercises that do target the ab muscles, but while using your entire body. (I layout a specific, step-by-step, tummy-toning and six-pack-creating Exercise Plan, in the next article in this series at the website listed in the Author Bio Box below this article.)

There are TWO major benefits to using this kind of exercise:

#1: While “spot-reduction” doesn’t work, Spot Toning does. That is, while you cannot tell your body where to take the fat off, you certainly CAN tell your body which muscles to concentrate on firming!

#2: Exercises that only use one group of muscles (such as “ab exercises”), burn very little fat. But full-body exercises burn the most fat possible – and in the shortest amount of time!

So you see, the key to getting that six-pack, or that fantastic-looking “toned” tummy – is to lose belly fat with an easy-to-do daily exercise plan, that takes little time and requires no special equipment. And I’ll show you how to do exactly that, in the next article in this series at the website listed in the Author Bio Box below: