Looking For Your Soul Mate? Try The Law of Attraction-Part Two

Hopefully you read Part One so that you understand the power of the Law of Attraction. This Law attracts people to us like a magnet, based on what we think and feel. Most of our thinking is done unconsciously which explains why you might be attracting the wrong person each time.

If you are attracting the same kind of person that you don’t want, you are likely focusing your thoughts and energy on what you don’t want, rather than on what you do want. Much of this is done unconsciously. You don’t even know it’s happening. Attracting the same kind of unwanted person into your life is evidence that you need to change your mental programming.

Ready to start attracting the person of your dreams? Here are the basic steps:

Have A Written Goal

“¢ Set the goal or intention. Write it down.

“¢ Write down the characteristics of your ideal partner (Age, education, economic level, height, hobbies, everything you want).

“¢ Read your list every day. Your mind must have repetition in order to change the neural connections.

“¢ Believe you can have it and that you deserve it.

Visualize Yourself With Your New Partner

“¢ Your mind thinks in pictures so make a mental movie.

“¢ Be sure to put yourself in the movie.

“¢ Think of what it feels like to be with your partner.

“¢ See yourself holding hands, cuddling, making love, doing things that you enjoy.

“¢ Do your visualization every morning and evening when your mind is most receptive.

Create A Vision Board

“¢ Find photo images of happy couples that seem to have the kind of relationship you want.

“¢ Include photos of the house you want to live in and doing things you want to do together.

“¢ Place your vision board where you can see it every day.

“¢ You can spice it up even more by using Feng Shui on your vision board. Put your photos in your relationship corner, which is the upper right corner of your board.

Create Powerful Affirmations

“¢ Make sure your affirmations are positive.

“¢ State your affirmations in the present tense.

“¢ Repeat your affirmations several times a day, especially in the morning and evening

“¢ Repeat your affirmations when you catch yourself thinking negatively about your relationship situation.

Ignite Your Passion

“¢ It is your feelings that attract things to you faster.

“¢ Feel it as you say your affirmations & do your visualization.

“¢ How does it feel to be with your partner?

BE The Right Partner

“¢ What specific qualities do you want your new partner to see in you? Make a list.

“¢ What do you need to change about yourself to prepare for your new partner?

“¢ What can you do to love yourself more?

“¢ What can you do to love your partner more?

“¢ Practice being the kind of person you want to become.

Take Action

“¢ What are your passions? Start doing things now that you are passionate about

“¢ Where can you meet people who share your passions?

“¢ Keep a gratitude journal. You get more of the things in which you are grateful.

“¢ Be grateful for all of the relationships you have right now.

“¢ Put yourself in places where you can meet new people.

“¢ Expect that you will meet the right person. Erase all doubts.

An important part of this process is you believing that you deserve the kind of person you want to attract. Some people have issues with self-worth. Maintaining a deeply held belief that you don’t deserve a certain type of person will prevent you from attracting it regardless of how great you look, or any other physical attribute you might have.

The next time you’re looking to attract your right and perfect partner, take a look inside your mind. You’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Aim High!

Copyright (c) 2007 LaVera J. Gaston