Looking For The Truth On TVI Express? Here’s A Third Party Opinion

TVI Express has hit the market in the USA with a fury and power that is rare in the home business industry. Because I have the presence I do in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve been asked about my opinion on TVI express by over one hundred people over the last 60 days, and because of the amount of good people I’ve seen get involved in this opportunity, I wanted to take some time to answer a few basic questions you might be having about the validity of this company.

I just wanted to say before we go on that I am not a distributor for TVI Express, and the opinions in this article are my own and are based off of my own research over the last couple of months.

I was fascinated with TVI express when it first launched in the USA, because of the incredible claims that distributors were making from such a low entry cost. People were frantic, calling me and telling me that they would even buy me a position if I would just promise to promote TVI Express to my database.

After doing my due diligence, however, I quickly lost my interest in this company, simply because of the fact that it raises too many red flags before you even take a look at it seriously. Here’s the basis of my reasoning:

What is TVI Express selling, anyways? The biggest problem I have with TVI Express is that what they’re selling isn’t very clear. Still, after over 100 conversations, I don’t know quite what TVI Express is selling. All I know is that if I get in and get 2 people, I’ll make $15,000 (Supposedley).

The first issue that raises a red flag for me looking at opportunities like this is whether or not there is any real value in the product, or if it is just an expensive excuse to pass money around between distributors. If you have a product with REAL value, MLM is an unbelievably profitable, stable industry if you learn how to build an organization right.

I’ve witnessed too many companies going out of business over my life to get involved in a company that doesn’t have any real, tangible product.

Is TVI Express a Ponzi scheme? This is the biggest issue I have with TVI Express. You see, in order to make money in TVI Express, you’ve got to ‘cycle’ through the express board. Every time you ‘cycle’ you make $15,000. It costs about $250 to get involved in TVI Express, and it’s a one time cost. So how do you pay $250, get 2 people to pay $250, and make $15,000?

I have a simple answer for you. Swarms of other people are getting involved and paying $250, and AS LONG AS THAT KEEPS HAPPENING, people will keep cycling through the express board. Also, the second the crazy growth stops (and it will) there’s no consumable product to keep the pay checks coming.

What does that mean? After a period of time almost all people who get involved with TVI Express will have no ability to earn money at all, because there is no ongoing product. It’s a ponzi.

Should you join TVI Express? That’s entirely up to you. If you want to make some fast, fickle money that the FTC might sieze from you next month, go for it. Just don’t recruit anyone who trusts you.