Looking for Somewhere to stay whilst in Galicia – Try the Pazo de Terrafeita.

An extremely wide variety of tourist accommodation can be found in Galicia and Northern Spain. Accommodation can be found that will fit all forms of budgets and even the most particular tourists will find something to suit their particular needs.

In this article we are going to take a look at the Pazo de Terrafeita.

The Pazo can be found at O Pacio, s/n – 27.765 Trabada – LUGO

As of the time of the writing of this article the contact telephone number for The Pazo is +34 982 135 077 and the fax number is +34 982 135 077. If you wish to contact them via email their email address is terrafeita@pazosdegalicia.com and they can be found on the internet at www.terrafeita.com.

At the time of the writing of this article, the manager to contact for information would be Manuel Fernández Gómez and The Pazo has the following number of rooms: 10.

The Pazo de Terrafeita is located in the lovely Trabada valley, just inland from the main Lugo coast and only 15 minutes from the best beaches in the North of Galicia. Owing to its good communication routes the visitor can undertake their own trips or go touring in the surrounding areas of Mondoñedo, Sargadelos, Taramundi or Castropol, among others.

Like all Pazos, there is a fair amount of history surrounding the building and in this case it is the following. Surrounded by a huge 30 Hectare estate of meadows and woods, the tower and the Pazo of Terrafeita were constructed in the XVI Century by Don Juan Pardo de Aguiar, a Galician nobleman from one of the most influential families of Mondoñedo. The family coat of arms stands out proudly on the main facade between the first and second floor of the tower and acts as a reminder of the rich heritage of the building. What was once a stronghold is today a perfectly restored, relaxing place to stay.

With regards to the actual facilities that the Pazo has to offer they are as follows: 10 double rooms, Ensuite bathrooms, telephone, satellite TV and heating; all with disabled access and an onsite laundry service..

All usual mealtimes are observed at this Pazo and they are, Breakfast and dinner (High season).

As well as the individual room facilities, this Pazo has the following shared amenities and facilities: Dining room with chimney and fireplace, Conference room, Guest lounge, Games room.

Outside you can find the following amenities for guests: Gardens, Vegetable garden,Heated outdoor swimming pool.

The immediate geographic location for this Pazo is as follows: The enormous estate that surrounds Pazo de Terrafeita, allows the visitor to stroll round and observe the cattle and horses that graze on this land. The heated outdoor swimming pool gives the resident the opportunity to bathe even when the outside temperature falls and the relaxing lounges beckon you for reading or a quiet chat.

With regards to the scenic location for the Pazo, it is extremely well located. Within the municipality of Trabada, where the house is situated footpath and bicycle trails abound, such as the northern route of the Santiago Pilgrim way, the Fraga de Villapena or the Cadeira mountain range. A visit to the spectacular beach of As Catedrais, the Eo estuary or the towns of Ribadeo or Castropol, small fishing villages in which tradition and modern living go hand in hand are not to be missed..

If the above are not enough for either you or your family then you will find within close proximity the following facilities; Bicycle routes, Hiking, Horses, Adventure sports.

All in all, not one to be missed.