Looking for Remedies To Relieve Back Pain After Surgery?

If you recently had a back surgery your probably still experiencing pain, the first thing you should do obviously is to ask your doctor for some form of remedies to relive back pain after surgery to help reduce your suffering. On the other hand there are a couple of techniques that can be applied at home to help you with you pain issue. However before using any of those techniques you need to talk to your doctor just to make sure that you are not going to damage you back while applying those. The most important thing to consider is that you need to allow you back to heal properly; this is why it is very important to talk to your doctor before applying any of the following techniques.

The Small Pillow Technique

This is a very small but effective remedy to relieve back pain after surgery. If you have a small pillow you can try to lie on the ground with the soft pillow under your knees. It is very important to keep your knees bent and your back as straight as possible. This simple technique is very effective to relieve the pressure in your back muscles help you with your pain issue. This home remedy for back pain after surgery can also be performed with a chair. Just simply lay on your back and place your knees on the chair. These two very simple techniques are very effective remedies to relieve back pain after surgery.

The Step Stool

Another very simple but effective remedy you can try is to simply stand with one foot on a small stool. Try to keep your back straight and your head and hips aligned. Do this for at least fifteen minutes and then alternate your feet. This simple trick to relieve back pain after surgery will help keep the pressure off your lower back. This is very useful especially if you have to stand for long period of time.

Heating Pads

Heating pads are also very popular as remedies to relieve back pain after surgery. Make sure you only the heating pad on the affected area for no longer than thirty minutes at a time. The important thing here is to make sure this particular remedy is not causing your more pain, if it does you could try an ice pack instead or just seek another and more effective treatment.

The most important aspect of back pain after surgery is to make sure you are not making things worse by trying various remedies. Of course you can try very simple technique like stated above but you should also stay in touch with your doctor. If you are experiencing severe side effects like nausea, fever or anything else than causes you alarm, contact your doctor immediately.