Looking for Natural Labor Inducing Methods?

Many expectant mothers start to look for ways to induce their labor once they have reached their 40th week of gestation. At some point, your doctor may suggest you consider a medical induction method. Before taking chemicals to start your labor, a better alternative may be a natural labor inducing method. When choosing which technique to use, keep in mind that you want it to be safe, effective, and gentle to both the mother and the unborn child. One of the best ways to start contractions is Maternity Acupressure.

When it comes to inducing labor, there are many old-wives tales and folk remedies that people will recommend, however not all of these methods are safe, neither are they all effective. You should consult with your physician before trying any labor inducing method; just because someone suggested it, that doesn’t mean it is safe or effective. The truth is, although the method is effective, it may not be safe to the health of the mother or child. Always check with you physician prior to trying any labor inducing method.

Blue or Black Cohosh is a commonly suggested way to induce labor. However, there is scientific proof to show that Blue and Black Cohosh increases the risk of bleeding and may have many potential consequences for those who use it. Unless your health care provider advises you to use these herbs and monitors your use, you should avoid using them. Maternity Acupressure is a much better and safer alternative. It does work, and will not increase your risk of excessive bleeding.

Maternity Acupressure is a great alternative to these methods since it doesn’t include negative side effects or pose potential harm to the unborn baby. Acupressure for labor is also simple to perform, and it isn’t hard to have your partner perform acupressure. Your partner simply applies pressure to sensitive pressure points with his or her thumbs. This is an ideal treatment that can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home and doesn’t require any additional equipment, supplements, or devices.

In addition, acupressure during childbirth has been shown to help reduce the pain and duration of labor significantly. Unlike other remedies, this can be used through all three stages of childbirth, including delivery. The father of the baby can assist greatly throughout the labor and delivery by applying Maternity Acupressure techniques to specific locations. Not only will the mother benefit by this natural means of inducing labor, but she will also enjoy great relaxation as well.

One of the best benefits of using Maternity Acupressure to induce labor is the fact that it is so simple to do. The technique is so easy to learn and your childbirth partner can do it; by giving pressure to acupressure spots, your partner can help you through labor. It is a simple, easy and effective method. Another great aspect of this method is that acupressure won’t hyper stimulate your body. The body will only receive as much as is needed. For couples that are seeking for a normal childbirth and a way for the father to be actively involved in to the birth of his baby, Maternity Acupressure is an invaluable tool.