Looking For Love? Or Swamped by a Feeling of Loneliness?

Love is all around you, or at least it seems to be when you are looking for it. Everywhere you go there seem to be couples strolling hand in hand, giggling together, kissing or smooching together. And there you are, on your own, feeling lonely. Even though you feel this way you are at least looking out for your soul mate. It is important to keep on looking, and also to create expectancy within your own mind that you will indeed attract your soul mate.

The thing to watch out for, and to prevent, is that feeling of loneliness creeping up and taking over your focus of attention. The more you focus upon feeling lonely the lonelier you become and the less expectancy there is with which to attract love into your life. Feelings of loneliness can all too easily sabotage your attempts to find love.

This happens in more ways than one. First, if you give in to loneliness it’s like giving in to chocolate cravings. One bite and the diet is over; you don’t just stop at one taste or one little square. The whole bar of chocolate delight is consumed in all too swift sensations of tongue and taste buds! The trail of loneliness is similar in that it leads to “reverse action”.

Instead of going out and about in places where you might meet your soul mate, you stay home because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable amongst all those couples who seem to be everywhere these days. And that’s the end of the love trail, isn’t it? Unless of course, who move swiftly towards your computer to check out the on-line dating sites.

And on-line dating is fabulous for this very reason, amongst many others. You can stay home and not venture out until you have someone to meet. You can “screen” those potential people first. You can check out photographs and chat on-line. All of this means that when you do go out to meet that person, you are in a positive frame of mind; this person has potential!

To maintain that state of positive expectancy is key. If you do not expect to meet your soul mate you won’t; instead you will turn a blind eye (and watch TV at home) and bury your head under the carpet (or under a rug on the sofa) and effectively ensure that you cannot possibly find love, whilst wallowing in loneliness in the “safety” of your own home. How “safe” is that? You can’t get hurt, but you can’t find love either.

The very thing which makes we human beings feel SAFE and secure is LOVE! Loneliness fights against the pursuit of love. Loneliness is the “thing” which needs to be barred, banned and banished from your sensory awareness and you can do this by refusing to focus upon it; instead you can focus on the things which make you feel loved, and there are many and various varieties of these.

Love is indeed everywhere. Love is all around you. You just need to find your “hook” which allows you to open your eyes to this love. If you do not go fishing, what chance do you have to catch a fish? When you see couples smooching you could think “that will be me before long”. Why not? What’s stopping you from doing this? And, either way, why not take the chance of thinking in this way? What would there be to lose? Wouldn’t hope be better than despair; expectation better than loneliness?

Contemporary quantum physics points to a very basic fact, in that we are all connected in some way and that our thoughts are connected too. Simply by focusing on what you want, and expecting that it will materialize, you are sending a positive signal out there into the ether of the world saying “I’m here, I want to love and to be loved”. That thought energy is giving out a far better signal than “I’m lonely, I’m not going to try”.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 recordings to help you to attract your soul mate into your life and create great relationships.