Looking For A Wedding Dress Designer

Looking for a Wedding Dress Designer

Looking for a wedding dress designer is one of the crucial steps that you have to do when it comes to planning your wedding. In fact, for most women, this is the single most important determining factor of a wedding’s success. Never mind that you have bad food or bad entertainment during the reception. Never mind that it rained the whole day when you got married. Never mind all that as long as you look radiant on your wedding day. And one way to factor in the radiance is to dress the part.
But like most important things in life, looking for a wedding dress designer is a bit tricky. There are a lot of things that you have to consider and it is not just the designing abilities. After all, most designers have their own style. Problem is, will it fit yours?
Below are some tips on how to look for a wedding dress designer that will make you look rockin’ on your wedding day. Read on.

1. Browse through wedding magazines and fashion magazines
If you have the budget, then look for designers on fashion magazines and wedding magazines. These people will charge a lot but you can be assured that your wedding dress will be divine. Often, magazines will have directory of people, designers and stores that they have featured on their pages. This directory is found at the final pages of these mags. Look at the contact numbers and make an appointment with them.

2. Visit them at their shop and have a chat with them.
There is nothing wrong with visiting their shops and asking them a few questions. After all, you are not asking them to design you a dress. Ask them to recommend cuts for you. Compare that with the cuts that you have in mind. Are the cuts that they are suggesting great for your body? Do they know what they are talking about? Next thing to ask is their price range. Compare this with your budget. Can you afford to let this designer do your dress? Remember that the wedding dress is just one of the expenses that you have to shoulder.

3. Ask for recommendations
Have you attended a wedding of a friend and found the clothes really well made? Then ask your friend for a recommendation. IF you have coworkers or friends who got married, ask them for some referrals. Chances are, they will know if a designer is good or bad; if he or she was able to deliver as promised. This is important as schedules is an edict that should not be broken during a wedding.

4. Ask for advice.
You can also ask friends who got married before to give you tips on how to look for a good wedding dress designer or on what to expect on a wedding designer. That way, you can more or less study or observe the attitude of the wedding designer that you are eyeing.

5. Be firm
One of the problems of brides is the fact that they often rely on wedding dress designers to do the choosing for them. Remember that it is your wedding and you are the one with the final say on what to wear on that day. It is good to trust your designer and to put faith on their designing talent but don’t go complaining afterwards if the design does not turn out well. After all, you are the one who chose it.

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