Looking For a Flirting Technique?

There are nearly three million websites on the internet which use the phrase “flirting school” in advertising their products. What is it about flirting that can be so elusive to some and yet it comes naturally to others?

Flirting is in fact just one aspect of a bigger issue. Good relationships seem to be harder to find and more difficult to keep in this day and age. The ease of travel and ease of communication of the modern day tempt one into thinking that it should now be easier to meet that perfect person in a pond which is so much bigger than before. There is far more choice and far more opportunities can be accessed because of the way in which we are able to live.

But there is a flip side to this coin. In days gone by it was possible to be a “big fish in a small pond”. You could feel comfortable and confident in your familiar surroundings and feel secure in the knowledge that you were in all likelihood a “pretty good catch”. But now that pond has merged with many, many others, and all those fish are competing for mates and unsure of their “ranking” in this huge ocean of opportunity. It is all too easy to feel out of one’s depth.

Even if you are one of the biggest fish, a fear of sinking is not good for one’s confidence. We are creatures of habit and we feel more comfortable when we know our routines and know our boundaries. These days it would seem that there are no boundaries. In times of change, an underlying sensation of fear is experienced. And in times of fear we instinctively seek a mate with a greater sense of urgency. More pressure is inadvertently placed upon the issue of finding that mate. Hence the number of people seeking a guide to flirting.

Great flirts are comfortable and confident in themselves. They know they are attractive and they know their value. They don’t say so; they know so. They are not arrogant, spoiled or conceited; rather, they are simply comfortable in their own skin. The best flirting tip that can be given is therefore to be comfortable in your own skin; to be comfortable with who you are is the key to acquiring a great flirting technique.

You can learn chat up lines, or flirting body language and this may help you get onto the flirting ladder, but the real key is to become confident within yourself. As you become more confident and comfortable you will find that you automatically magnetize people to you without having to do anything at all. You may well be offered fast flirting tips, and they have every chance of working for you, but don’t omit to work on your overall confidence levels as well. You can only ever flirt from the platform of you, the person.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to help build confidence and assist in your flirting technique.