Look Good – Feel Good

I’m telling you, there really is something to this mind/body connection thing. Controlling how you feel can sometimes seem like an impossible task. When we are down, angry, indifferent, lazy, our posture takes on a totally different form. Our body reflects our inner mood. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change those states and be fired up, upbeat, positive, more happy! Well its hard to keep it all together sometimes but we do have control over our emotions.

One trick I have discovered is that you can change your mood by changing your clothes. There is this one outfit I own that just makes me feel like a rock star. Everything about my posture, outlook and state changes every time I wear this outfit out. Its almost like putting on a mask or assuming a different role in this crazy play called life. Of course this is only good for the weekends. But I got to thinking maybe other outfits in my wardrobe can be used for other moods. And so now I’m building up a collection of mood clothes such as serious, focused, productive, handy, social, etc. Its good to know that your outlook on life is within your own control and that a walk to your closet can mean a change of state.

I encourage you to try this out but start slow. Its better to buy new outfits and associate them with new feelings than to try to use older stuff in your closet. Also you must make a commitment to make the desired feeling real. The first couple of times I wore my rock star clothes I made sure I was going out to have a great time. Recently I got this new stylish pinstripe shirt that I wear when I need to be extra productive. I take it and my laptop to the posh library downtown and just get to work.

You maybe saying its not the shirt but your actions that make you feel that way, but really I don’t care as long as I get results. Yes it does take a little effort at first or luck to associate the right feelings with a new outfit but once its locked you can take it easy a bit. Last weekend I really was not in the party mood but once I put on my rock star outfit on, I couldn’t help but feel outrageous and ready for fun. All the previous positive experiences just overwhelmed me when I slip that bad boy on.

So try associating some great positive moods to your new and stylish clothes. Make dressing up a statement of your style but also something that can benefit you personally by enhancing your mood. Look good – feel good. This direct positive mind/body link is amazing and works every time.