Look for Sustanance

Individuals ready for a venture of his or her business often are unsure of how to get started. As a former bank president and financial strategist, I have analyzed a myriad of MLM systems for generating income. In many cases companies whose distribution methods are network marketing in scope fall short of an actual duplicatable system. There is nothing much beyond the compensation plan for new venture partners to grasp.

The estimates now are that in North America 175,000 people are entering network marketing every week. Network marketing is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest growing business opportunity today. There is definitely a tipping point approaching in the network marketing industry. Multi level structured companies are rapidly on the rise. Paul Zane Pilzer, author of The Wellness Revolution, and a world renowned economist, predicts the health and wellness industry to be the next trillion dollar industry, predicting that within ten years disease prevention dollars spent will the amount spent on treatment. Those who choose a mission directed company within the health and wellness industry will have advantage in their marketing program.

The challenge presented with those who are market searching for opportunities that will produce for them is locating an opportunity where there is seasoned leadership. The hype within some websites is sometimes what draws prospective business owners into a company. Hype or magic is not what builds a sustainable business. I feel individuals would be far better served to look for an intelligent application of a marketable system. Leadership is key. People who have enjoyed success have joined a line within an organization that follows their basic sense of business practices. Many websites look the same; reading through you will be able to sense the credibility. Integrity and authenticity are present and you can feel them.

An important component in your selection process would be to know how the organization delivers information about the company and if the organization (not the company) has a system that delivers success. What you want to look for and have confidence in is that process. A finely honed lead generation system, complete training, solid company information,recruiting program, and personal development are components you will find in an exceptional opportunity. Most importantly, all of it packaged so that it is an easy system to duplicate.

Vision-based businesses also have a strong planning component to the business. This does not need to be intricate out of the shoot, however, you want to have the confident guidance of a seasoned person teaching you how vision out three years and then bench mark back years one and two, ending with a 90 or 120 day plan to succinctly guide you in your first few months of business. This is a common path for growth in any business and network marketing is not different in its need for direction charting. You can also test for reality.

In closing, it is important to look for vision, business practices that are a match ethically for you, and a complete system. Join an organization that confidently assures a well developed business planning component.

Special Note: Success will most likely be found with a company that has hybrid system with the strong lead generation component necessary to fuel the business opportunity, and follows a success system.