Longboards the other skateboard

Surfing enthusiasts would be thrilled to find themselves cruising down the roads on a longboard, the bigger brother of skateboards that offer more stability and speeds, especially when cruising down the road. Considering the weight, it wouldn’t be able to perform tricks, but the same principle is also applied, as well as a few more precautionary gear needed when using a longboard.

Longboarding has its roots in surfing, much like skateboard, as it takes a little more strength to handle a heavy longboard, especially when it comes to carving, which is turning, as well as stopping. Though the longboarder wouldn’t be cruising in breakneck speeds, it takes a little more foot power when it comes to braking. The design may look like a regular surfboard, only smaller and with large and softer wheels for better traction and speed.

The physics behind the longboard would mean added stability since the weight would definitely push down the center of gravity. But when it comes to turning it would be a tad bit difficult. Although there are some longboards that come in shorter varieties, the stability will suffer a bit, yet turning would be easier. Whether the skateboarder would prefer the regular or goofy stance would determine the rider himself or herself and the gap between the front and rear feet should be a little far apart for better stability and shock absorption. Getting to know the longboard is the first step when it comes to preparation.

It would be difficult to kick their way when it comes to longboarding, thus the need to find a good enough slope on a street somewhere in order to kick with ease. From there, gravity will take over as the momentum will slowly build up to increase the speed as they dart down the road. Of course it would help if the road has little to no traffic at all.

When it comes to carving, or turning, the longboard requires a little more effort. Toe edge or heel edge requires a little more weight added as the longboarder encounter a bend on the road. As for stopping, there are a few ways, which the most common way is to drop the foot on the road and start dragging, enough to slow down the momentum up to a complete stop. It takes several seconds due tot he combined weight on both longboard and skater.

Longboards are as fun as skateboarding without executing tricks or stunts.

Source: https://positivearticles.com