Lockers are compact storage units where you can store your personal items usually on a temporary basis. They are found at a surprising variety of places including workplaces, schools, transport centres, swimming pools, sports stadiums, public areas, prisons, banks and more.

Free and Rental Lockers

Lockers available at public places are usually available free for use of members and other authorized users. Other lockers are hired by users by paying a rental for their use.

Buying Lockers

If you are in charge of buying lockers for your office, school or other establishment, you will find it helpful to learn how to specify your requirements in locker lingo. The following description is intended to help you in this task.

Banks and Tiers: Banks can be visualized as width and tiers as height, specified in number of lockers. Thus the bank might be two lockers wide and tier might be three lockers high. Such a unit will have a total of six lockers. You can have single tier (full height), two tier, three tier, etc. Single tier will usually be the most roomy.

Locker Materials: Lockers are usually made of steel but can be made with wood, plastic or laminate. Plastic and laminate are suitable in environments where moisture is likely to be present, such as swimming pools. Moisture can cause rusting of steel lockers.

Locking the Lockers: Traditional locks are being replaced by electronic locks in modern establishments. You might get a number to operate the locker or an electronic card is used to unlock the locker. In high security contexts, such as bank lockers, locking and unlocking might involve specific formalities.

Locker Dimensions: Though sizes vary, widths of 30 or 40cm, depths of 45 cm and heights of 1.8 metres are standard. The height might be split into several tiers so that individual locker height is less.

Locker Colours: The traditional dark grey colour has now been replaced by a wide choice of colour options.

Steel Thickness: Standard lockers might use steel of 0.8mm thickness while secure lockers might go up to 1.2mm thickness.

Customized Lockers

There are personal effects lockers, bicycle lockers, laundry lockers, service lockers used by police and other authorities, military gear lockers and other specialized lockers which depart from the standards to meet special requirements.