Living Your Truth; Finding Your Way; Revealing Your Light

The number one question that exists in life is: What is my purpose; what did I show up here to do? Questions such as: ‘How do I find my way?’ plague the internal dialogue of countless people.

Life responds to commitment. A person who wants to accomplish something without taking measures to make it happen will remain in a state of want. But a person who desires to accomplish something, and is taking measures to activate, and not contemplate, their destiny will always find their way.

You were created with gifts that only you are designed to deliver to this world. This is your truth, and the explanation for your existence. When you make a commitment to live your truth and take the necessary measures to make your inner-vision your outer-reality, the way will appear.

The way has no need to appear if you haven’t made a whole hearted commitment to your dreams! The way is the mediator between you and the actualization of your dreams. When you find the way, you are poised to live your truth.

Living your truth reveals a glorious light. There are many people who I’ve grown up with that have witnessed my transformation from the basketball court to the stage of motivational speaking. Many have pulled me to the side and expressed to me their desire to fulfill their dreams and life-endeavors. The bottom line is that they desire to live their truth, and now have a working model of possibility.

The dreams they perceived to be far beyond their grasp are now staring them in the face, because someone within their realm has done it. Living your truth reveals more light than you can imagine. It gives people permission to live their dreams, and changes their perspective from inability to possibility.

The seasons of life naturally change, but you can never be afraid to change with the season. Successful people do nothing more than recognize the changing seasons, and make the necessary adaptations to function in, and maximize the seasons of life. It’s your ingrained nature to never be defined by one season. View each changing season of life as a prelude to living another truth.

Never be afraid of life transitions, because the way will always appear just as it’s done in the past. As the seasons change, your commitment to pursue what’s in your heart will give you an awareness of your path. As you live your truth, find your way, and reveal your light, you are empowering yourself and others to live a life of truth.

Matthew C. Horne, Life-Changing Motivational Speaker

Matthew C. Horne, motivational speaker and author is a renowned authority in maximizing human potential. He is the President and CEO of Optimum Success International, a speaking and publishing company located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. He is the author of the newly released book; The Universe is Inviting You In. Matthew is available for speeches, lectures, and interviews. Any experience with Matthew C. Horne, literary or auditory, will walk you to the doorstep of Your Best Life Possible! To learn more about Matthew C. Horne, please visit