Living With Teenagers With Asthma

Living with teenagers with Asthma

Teenagers with asthma are treated much the same as anyone else suffering from asthma, but because they are teenagers they are much more less likely to remember their medication. They should be reminded to take their medication even if they feel perfectly well all the time. The medication is there to make sure they do not suffer asthma attacks.
It should not interfere with their daily lives, such as sport, dancing and exercise. Smoking of course is bad for everyone’s health and can make asthma even worse. Always make sure that your teenagers teachers and school mates know they suffer with asthma so that they will no what to do in case of an attack and make sure they keep their inhalers with them wherever they go.


Teenagers may have the view that asthma interferes with their life, making them different from their friends. They have to accept that their asthma is only a little portion of their life not the whole of it. They can fit their medication into a daily plan that still lets them carry on their life. Sport and exercise is excellent for them as it helps build stronger lungs and overall health. Discourage the use of drugs and smoking that can aggravate and in some cases bring on a severe attack. It would be nice if your teen could meet other young people suffering with asthma, so they can swap stories, develop friendships and support each other.

A lot of teenagers do not understand exactly what asthma is so explain to them in detail. Many do not understand that asthma is not just a sudden wheeze or coughing bout, but is active 24/7. Asthma is caused by the tubes that help you breath becoming swollen and inflamed, therefore causing them to tighten up and leave less room for air to get to the lungs. Which in turn causes breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing.

Asthma can also appear as various other illnesses, namely pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies, and of course the common cold. Any of these can bring on an attack and if your teen is still coughing a lot after the illness has gone then it will probably be asthma.


Many professional athletes have asthma, for an excellent sport for people suffering with asthma try swimming the moist warm air makes it easier to for your teenager to breath. Many teenagers take less than half of their prescribed medication for fear of looking the odd one out of their friends and indeed deliberately leave their medication at home. If left to his or her own devices the asthma can get worse and in turn lead to permanent lung damage or even worse a life threatening attack.

Asthma Treatment

The main treatment is two inhalers one that reduces inflammation that is called a controller; the other gives emergency relief by opening the airways in a sudden attack and is called the reliever. Drugs used in the treatment can be pills, inhalers, or even injected and consist of Corticosteroids all of which help your teenager to avoid asthma attacks and keep it in control, therefore leaving them free to live a full, active and productive life.