Living With Asthma Keeping It Clean

Living With Asthma: Keeping It Clean

Asthma is a chronic breathing condition, often controlled by medication, that is sadly incurable. Modern-day science still isn’t sure why asthma occurs in the first place. Even with all this uncertainly, living with asthma is a manageable affair. Learn how keeping it clean (the air) can help make living with asthma almost completely painless.

When you’re talking about living with asthma and talking about keeping it clean all in the same breath, you’re talking about the air. Keeping the air clean inside the home is one of the most important steps in making living with asthma much easier, and much more painless. Asthma sufferers don’t have to suffer – there are ways you can lessen their symptoms and help to make the air more breathable for sensitive airways.

Sometimes, it’s easiest to get into a cleaning routine. Learning the routine and getting it down helps make it much easier, and helps you learn how to make your routine much more efficient and speedy. For those living with asthma, this routine must be used to keep the air clean, breathable, and easy on the lungs.

So what’s the trick to keeping it clean? First things first, you want to regularly wash and air out linens and other fabrics in the home. Regularly vacuum furniture and wash bed clothes and cushions to reduce dust mites. Dust mites get into the air in anyone’s home, but regularly cleaning fabrics can help control the population. Often, dust mites are enemies to those with breathing troubles like asthma. Fighting them in their natural habitat, your home, is one way to help asthma sufferers breathe easier.

Pet dander can be another enemy to the asthmatic. Fight pet dander by keeping all animals in the home well-groomed and regularly washed and combed. You’ll also want to regularly wash and clean pet sleeping areas and other fabrics that often used by the pets. The best way to cut down on pet dander is to wash these items in very hot water. Reducing any pet dander in the home will help any asthma sufferer. This is another way that keeping it clean makes living with asthma much more hassle-free. When asthma sufferers breathe easier, asthma doesn’t seem like so much of a problem. And really, what’s so wrong with having a nice, clean home environment?

Keeping it clean also means eliminating smoke in the home. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should absolutely not be smoked, but taken outside so as not to aggravate asthma symptoms. Asthma sufferers absolutely should not smoke themselves, nor should they be exposed to smoke whenever it’s possible.

By taking a few extra steps, you can make living with asthma much more manageable. Keeping it clean doesn’t just help the asthma sufferer breathe easier, but everyone in the home. Your space will be cleaner, your air purer, and your lungs happier. When you’re keeping it clean, living with asthma isn’t so bad, after all. Get into a routine, and soon it won’t seem like you’re doing anything extra at all.