Living With Abundance and The Law of Attraction

It is always good to live with abundance in many aspects of my life: My Relationships with myself and others, my health, my wealth, my philanthropy, my work and my leisure and relaxation.

When I achieve balance of these aspects of my life, by having fairly even ‘scores’ for each of them, then it is so much easier to be harmonious to myself and all those around me.

Of course, in the past, it was tempting to ‘succeed’ by getting a 10 with one of these pieces of the pie at the expense of the others. This would lead to great short term success and satisfaction on the surface while covering up or ignoring the low ‘scores’ in the areas of my life. It would be like driving down the road with a non-circular wheel! It would be a smooth ride with frequent predictable violent jolting followed by some smoothness for a while and then the jolting again. Or alternatively, I could liken it to having a bicycle wheel with one long spoke (the 10 score) and all the other spokes being short would lead to a very bumpy uneven ride!

Of course, I am only writing about this wheel and not about life at all am I?

So life would be successful, but not necessarily fulfilling.

Consider this Is there more future potential and immediate ease by having all the scores at a similar level?

Even it they are all low scores?

So that the spokes are all similar lengths and the ride is even and quite smooth with the ability to spin the wheel faster easily and thus reach my desired outcome more easily, calmly, serenely and effortlessly. Or, would I prefer to have a couple of long spokes while the rest are short leading to an unbalanced wheel and life, where if I wanted to go faster I would shake myself apart with the bumpiness of the ride!? This could be likened to a race car that wanted to go at top speed and yet had to change into 1st gear every one hundred metres or yards! Ouch! The whiplash doctors would have a field day! Of course I prefer a bicycle with small circular wheels than large triangular or square ones.

It is a Daily life of Constant And Never-Ending Improvement to grow the spokes of the wheel longer little by little at an evenly distributed rate.

Now that you are living harmoniously, you are ready to receive what you want to manifest in your life using “The Law of Attraction”