Living The Catholic Faith

How Parents should Enliven their Way of Living the Catholic Faith

As time passes by, there are too many issues that are being faced by the Catholic Church. One of the many issues is with regards to the actions of the priests. The Catholic faith is supposed to be an epitome of being morally upright and the virtues need to be more exemplified by the priests themselves. However, as the common case goes, there are plenty of priests who commit to immoral acts. The rest of the religious denominations often say that it is the Catholic Church which employs several sacraments and the priests are supposed to be the ones to stand as the role models for the people. But as it goes, they are the very ones who ruin the reputation of the Church and therefore set it into a state of profaneness.

The Catholic Church sets its standards upon the Ten Commandments. It is held immoral to covet anything and someone that is not yours. It is immoral to disgrace your parents. It is highly immoral to commit to adultery and engage yourself into the activities which are outside of the marriage bounds. Therefore, there are too many human activities that are being hindered by the Catholic faith.

The Catholic faith has instilled the belief that God provides mankind with the necessary graces. That is why it has also become the notion of the people to call on God whenever trials get heaped on them. Another challenge that is posed on the Catholic faith believers is the task of passing on their belief to their own children. In these days when a lot of other religious sects are coming out, the more that the Catholic faith must be strengthened in one’s family. Living the Catholic faith means keeping the family and the relationship with one another as God-centered as it could be. The faith must be made the entire focus instead of those video games, sports, and other material concerns.

Here are the ways when you could effectively live your Catholic faith and share it with others.

First of all, integrate your Catholic faith within yourself. It would be highly impossible for you to share something with your kids which you do not actually have within your own self. Your kids would be looking up at you as their models so whatever it is that you emphasize and exhibit would be the same thing that they would absorb. Living the Catholic faith could start out by exhibiting kindness, love, and generosity. Treat everything as a blessing to you.

Show your kids how active your Catholic faith is. By going to mass altogether and praying together, you make it a strong point for them that talking to God is as important as communicating with each other. It matters that you show them the significance of praying for them and having them pray for you.

Never let them have the wrong notion. Most children see the attending of the mass as an obligation. Most of the times they do not pay attention to the homily because they look forward to going home. You must let your children realize that they have to pray not because it is necessary but because it is for them as well.

Let them be aware of God’s unconditional love. God has sent His only Son to redeem the world from sin. As the relationship with God is developed, the faith of your children is also strengthened.

Living the Catholic faith is not that hard and it is not that easy too. There are many considerations to take. The parents themselves should be the ones to awaken their children about God’s purpose and their own purposes to be filled in with regards to the Catholic faith.