Living Life After – The Secret – Easy Living in 3 Simple Steps

So, by now you’ve watched phenomenal DVD “The Secret”. You’re inspired, feeling intensely hopeful, running around sharing it with everyone you know. Some of who “get it”, most of whom do not. Don’t fret thou, it’s (life) is designed that way. Now, back to you, you’re manifesting sporadically here and there, and loving it.

Your dilemma, “How do I keep it going?” Keep this level of intensity, level of high vibration up? How do I stop myself from falling back to the old me after 30, 60, or 90 days? Can I make lasting change and still interact with my family, friends and co-workers whose vibrations might be lower, a lot lower (drama)?

Well, here are 3 simple steps to get you started:

Step 1, Stay Plugged In: Watch the DVD or listen to the CD audio book at least once a week, even if you have to break it up over a couple of days. Even if it’s just background noise while you do housework. You’d be amazed at what the subconscious mind takes in. I’ve never made my 14-year-old son sit down and watch the movie, but it plays as background noise in our home all the time. Well, one evening while out to dinner, he recites almost the whole movie back to me practically verbatim, I was amazed. Now, I gladly let the movie run in the mornings while he gets ready for school.

Step 2, Meditate or Quiet Time: While meditation is good and I highly recommend it. There are those who are unwilling or resistant to setting aside 15-20 minutes a day to meditate. The idea seems, well, rather boring. So, if you fall into this category, I suggest picking just 1 hour a week to do something for yourself. Not with the kids, not with your mate, not even with your best friend. Go get a massage, go for a long walk alone, sit in nature, paint a picture, go for a long drive, to the library or to a coffee shop alone, no cell phones, no computers. Whatever you choose, do this quiet thing by yourself for 1 hour a week minimum. The attention you give yourself will be quite pleasing and you are so worth it.

I have what I like to call “spa night.” My family knows that unless the house is on fire “DO NOT DISTURB.” I love to take a nice long hot bubble bath with my candles, aromatherapy and CD’s. Just the mere thought of “spa night” during a stressful day at work makes my heart sing and my mood lighten. Make your choice a ritual you look forward to, no matter how hectic your life may be. Feeling good must become a priority.

Step 3, Affirmations: This is probably the most important but only becomes effective after you learn to raise your own vibrations or spirits. That is the use of affirmations. It is necessary to change the script that runs in your head and heart all the time. Affirmations are a way to do this, in fact you are already using them, we all are. You just may not be using the right ones to bring about what you want. We all have so many thoughts that run through our minds in the course of a day. This may take some time and effort but it does not have to take a long time. The law of attraction will spring into action in a way that you want it to. Your relationships will improve, your health will get better and your finances will increase, just remain open and diligent.

I use a number of different affirmations, depending on my mood and what I want to manifest. Over the course of just a few months my new affirmations run through my mind in response to whatever I may be experiencing, replacing old thoughts that no longer serve me.

Imagine being at work and when someone pisses you off, “I work with the most wonderful, wonderful people” automatically starts to play in your mind. You will begin to feel calm, centered and able to handle situations without lowering your vibrations.

What quiet time ritual do you see yourself implementing?

Copyright (c) 2007 Priscilla Parham