Living In Fellowship Faith

The Ministries of Living Faith Fellowship

Every church uses ministries in order to become effective for the edification of the members and, more importantly, to bring glory to God. Living Faith Fellowship is no different. Living Faith Fellowship makes use of different ministries in order to reach out to people and make them feel the love of the Lord. Here are some of those ministries:

1) Worship – a church’s worship ministry has got to be the pillar on which it stands. People go to church because they wish to glorify and honor God. Living Faith Fellowship offers people to do that in their own unique way. Living Faith Fellowship understands that worship can range from being silent to loud, from being solemn to joyous. For members of the Living Faith Fellowship, the church is both a place to commune with the Almighty and a place to gather as a family.

2) Relationships – as said before, the Living Faith Fellowship aims to provide people with a family. Because of this, the Living Faith Fellowship focuses on developing bonds between members. This is done by letting the people meet and mingle. The Living Faith Fellowship encourages people to make use of small groups. This is in order to promote the feeling of having a close family. When people meet in small groups according to their age bracket, they are able to better acquaint themselves and are able to develop better bonds with their fellows.

3) Education – the Living Faith Fellowship’s Pullman Christian School offers a full K-12 curriculum for those families who wish their children to receive a Christian-based education. Through the Living Faith Fellowship’s education ministry, people can make sure that they can “train up a child in the way that he should go”. By instilling children with Christian values early in life, Living Faith Fellowship makes sure that they never depart from the right path.

Education is also offered for those seeking to get into the ministry. The Living Faith Fellowship’s bible college makes sure that a person can mature in the spirit and get a quality education with a Biblical basis.

4) Service – every church needs its members to work for it. What makes the Living Faith Fellowship so special is the fact that they actually set aside a specific schedule for their members to do service for the church. During Saturday mornings, the members of Living Faith Fellowship get together to provide their services whether it means working as a secretary and taking calls or doing minor repairs in the building.

This helps the members of Living Faith Fellowship make their contributions more meaningful. It’s one thing to reach into your pocket and give on the offering plate, but actually working for the church is a whole other issue.

5) Missions – the great commission to every Christian is to go out through all parts of the world and spread the word of God. The Living Faith Fellowship accomplishes this commission by supporting both local and international missions. By supporting local missions, the Living Faith Fellowship helps enlighten the people in their immediate vicinity about the love of God. By supporting international missions, the Living Faith Fellowship helps conquer the world for Christ.

6) Prayer – prayer is how Christians commune directly with God. For this reason, the Living Faith Fellowship has prayer ministries for two reasons: to encourage Christians to pray and to develop those who would be willing to stand in the gap for their fellow men.