Living In Faith Fellowship

Different Fellowships in Different Living Faith

The most common Christian lament of these days is: how can churches become one again as just like in the early days?

With the more than a thousand of religious denominations of today, it is hard to believe that there is going to have one church for today. There are hundreds and hundreds of fellowships that are sprouting everywhere. While each has a certain goal why a fellowship is maintained, people already found it hard where to fit themselves in. Because of this dilemma, it is important that you recognize which fellowship you should belong to.

In these days, what are the different kinds of religious fellowships found?

The spiritual-led fellowship and the human-led fellowship

While religious fellowship should be all about spiritual, there are different organizations now which were organized to be human-led than spiritual. In the early days, it used to be that everyone knows who is in the organization and who is the person leading the church. Moreover, it used to be that the leader knows every member of the church. Gone are the days of intimacy between the members and the leader of a certain fellowship because today’s fellowships are groups with several hundreds, thousands, and even millions of followers. With the contemporary fellowships of today, there are an abundance of church members one could not possibly learn of all their names.

In the early religious fellowships, they do not require a large place to convene with. They simply need a place where they could talk and reflect. But today’s religious organizations, a large gathering place is required for the convention. They also need different equipments and resources in order to generate the needed intimacy within the members. This has nothing in resemblance of the early churches where everyone listens and reflects intently without those things.

Real fellowship and artificial fellowship

It is in reality that there are religious organizations you can call real, while there are also the artificial ones. Genuine church fellowships are exactly that: genuine. This is the kind which lets people express themselves freely and without any air of pretensions. This is the kind that lets people discuss things on their mind without letting them think that there are people around them who may judge them in the process. Artificial fellowships are those with the fake smiles, the fake visits with friends, the fake spirituality and the fake love. While no one could really tell which fellowship is genuine and which one is not, you can feel this air once you are into the group.

Voluntary and compulsory fellowship

Of course, no one needs tell that a genuine fellowship is a voluntary thing in its every respect. The compulsory type is the organizations which let their members be manipulated and pressured to do some unnatural things. While it is normal for fellowships to ask donations from members, asking an amount is not a voluntary fellowship. Fellowships should not be a compulsory thing that asks people to do many things instead should be one with spontaneous things that people would love to do.

Spiritual-led fellowship, real fellowship, and voluntary fellowship are easy to spot. If gatherings and conventions generate the spiritual intimacy within the members; if members are happy and sincere doing things stipulated by the organization; and if members do things in the contentment of their hearts; these are all signs of genuine fellowships.