Living Faith Outreach

Living Faith Outreach: Putting Lives in Godly Characters

The Living Faith Outreach is the place of everybody. This is a church that does not pickup a time on when to assist and help people. The service has opened in 1999, on Father’s day, and since then a lot of people’s lives have been touched and changed. The Living Faith Outreach, as has been trying sine that opening to reach different people, has over 150 families who pioneered the work involved by the organization.

Two pastors, John and Jeana Gilligan, lead the vision of the living faith outreach programs. They have made their hearts committed and purposed to make themselves all receptive and attentive to how the Lord will instruct them to reach out and build the church.

The visions of the church include: communicating the love of the Lord to lost souls and bring their relationships back with Jesus Christ; providing opportunities to every member and let them develop strong relationships with other members and the church; letting people mature in the word of the Lord and passing every thing learnt in the church.

The Living Faith Academy

As another effective tool to reach-out to people, the Living Faith Outreach has the Living Faith Academy included in the church’s goal and vision. The academy is a way to provide more quality education to bring Christ-centered teachings and build Godly characters.

The Living Faith Outreach Ministries

The ministries are another tool to spread the word of the church. Classes, concessions, and fellowships are conducted for the youngsters of first to twelfth graders.

For the young adults, mainly comprises of people with ages 18-30, also convene for group meetings. Bible studies are held twice a week, while each month a social event takes place.

Other Ministries:

– Single focused ministry – comprises of members with ages 30 and up, and activities include bible studies, fun events, and fellowship.

– Women’s ministry – special refreshments for women to include fellowship, fun, and ministry.

– Men’s ministry – men activities include food, sharing of the word, and fellowship.

– Wisdom walkers – this is for members with age brackets of 45 and older, with monthly meetings in their activities.

– Covenant couples – meetings to take place twice a month for all couples.

– Lifelines – a small group in the church which only include home meetings.


Outreach programs include child care, food distribution and services, and doling out grocery relief goods to different communities all over the United States. These are done with the assistance and effort given by the members of the Living Faith Outreach.

How to be a part of the Living Faith Outreach

The Living Faith Outreach believes that the practice of being a sensible and dedicated believer of the Lord does not only mean going to church every Sunday, put some offerings, and saying a prayer. It requires more act to accomplish the true Godly characters.

Joining the living faith outreach is an experience of hope, love, healing, and blessings of Jesus Christ. The Living Faith Outreach is open to different individuals who want to be a part of the church. Whether it is a need to become a family or simply to have someone pray, the church has doors wide open for everyone.

To those who wish to be a part of the church, an online website is provided. The website is found with the ministry’s calendar of year-round activities. It can be contacted through online help provided. It is open 24hours so inquiries and details will be immediately answered by people behind the founding of the church.