Living Faith Ministry

About the Living Faith Ministries

Living Faith Ministries is an organization which aims to provide the community around them with meaningful ministry. The nobility of this objective can be fully understood when one considers the fact that Living Faith Ministries is located within the campus of the University of Illinois. We all know how many of today’s youths see college as a time to experience their taste of adulthood. Because of this, many young people going into college are led astray. Living Faith Ministries help them keep their paths straight and their eyes on the Lord.

Living Faith Ministries wants to make sure that they fulfill the spiritual needs of “the whole man”. That is, no person would leave the church feeling incomplete. The members of Living Faith Ministries see themselves as doctors who, through the grace of the Lord, heal those needing spiritual health. There are many times when a man’s life causes him to feel that there is something lacking. Living Faith Ministries attempts to make a man feel whole again by showing him how much God loves him.

Living Faith Ministries also goes back to the basics of being a church. It focuses on the quality of Christians instead of the quantity. It goes by the principle that if the members of Living Faith Ministries lead quality Christian lives, then the quantity would surely follow. Living Faith Ministries puts God’s business first.

The leaders of Living Faith Ministries also lead by example. Many churches today have fallen into disarray simply because members fail to see their leaders leading the lives that they preach on the pulpit. The leaders of Living Faith Ministries make sure that the lives they lead are models of the virtues that they preach. As such, people are encouraged to follow their examples.

Their main mission is to be involved in the needs of their community. Many members of different churches are discouraged in their Christian lives because they do not see their church as truly helping their community. Living Faith Ministries attempts to counteract this by providing people with what they need in every area of their lives. They provide spiritual guidance for those who are seeking help with their spiritual growth.

Living Faith Ministries provide Bible studies for people who wish to know about the Lord. Besides that, Living Faith Ministries also offers motivational resources to help people keep their eyes on their goals. If you are feeling a bit down, then this ministry should help you regain your energy and succeed in your endeavors.

They also offer economic help. So many churches today claim to be able to help their members, but when someone comes to look for help, all they claim they can do is to encourage and pray for that person. Living Faith Ministries believes in empowering people to make a change in their lives and gives them the opportunity to do so through a program which attempts to develop the full potential of every budding entrepreneur.

Living Faith Ministries is not just a church or a family, it is a community. Living Faith Ministries is made up of people who truly care for one another and for their community. They not merely direct people to God, although that is already a great task, they also serve as hands of God, providing blessings for those in need.