Living Faith Fellowship

The Ideas of the Living Faith Fellowship

Most Christians actually pretend that they have faith in God. In truth, they actually do not have a very solid foundation of their belief in God. They do talk about faith but if you ask them what it means in their lives, they are unable to come up with a sound definition of it.

Many Christians claim that they have a strong faith in God but through all the occurrences that transpire in their lives, there are very little traces of that as they battle through all that is happening to them. Matter of fact speaking, your faith is a show off if you just say that you have it when in fact you do not even know what it is all about.

How is faith defined really? As per the definition of the Bible, in the chapter eleven verses one to six of the book of Hebrews, faith is pointed out as a real substantial part of all things which is hoped for. Faith is the evidence of whatever that is not visibly seen by the naked eye. It is by the call of faith that the great Biblical personages such as King David, Abraham, and Moses have managed to push through with their exploits to battle with the unexpected dangers. They only had in them their faith in God as the tool that overthrew their enemies.

The Bible makes it clear that every real Christian should live by his faith. He is expected to live up to the standards of the Christian faith in the every day of his life. He has to eat by faith, drink by faith, sleep by faith, market by faith, and devotes every little thing that he does according to the stipulations of his faith. He has to put God in the middle of his activities.

In short, he must live a God-centered life. Living faith fellowships are associations that ensure the believers with a haven that is filled with strong faith. Many Christians are members of living faith fellowships and there are various aspects of the group that exist in different communities.

In the book of James, it is clearly emphasized that faith is nothing without prayers. Prayers should back up one’s faith. However, even though there is the significance of the prayers, it is still a must that one should work with all of his efforts in order to attain the granting of his prayers. Therefore, it says that you do not have to fold your arms, stay in a corner, and wait for a miracle. It is faith with action. These points are always stressed out by the living faith fellowships.

According to the living faith fellowship pastors, there are two categories of faith. The first is the living faith and the other one is the dead faith. The living faith is the one which is employed with action whereas the dead faith is the one which does not have the necessary actions employed. By living in faith, one trusts God, confides in God, believes in His great love, finds shelter in His arms, and feels no forms of alarm under God’s presence.

It is very easy to say that you have faith but it is hard to prove that you have one. It is easy to think that there is Heaven and that your deeds would be rewarded. However, if your belief is one that is of a dead faith, it is useless to take part in the living faith fellowships.