Living Faith Church

The Ministries of Living Faith Church

Although the purpose of a church is for the glorification of God, it is also counted on by many for the edification of people. It is because of this that churches have ministries. Through different ministries, the church can engage its members in different activities to promote their spiritual growth and glorify the Lord. Living Faith Church does this through the following ministries:

Summer Day Camp – During summer vacation, restless kids often get into mischief. Why not engage them in an activity which will not only redirect their energy but promote their spiritual growth. In Living Faith Church’s Summer Day Camp, children are taught about the love of God. This is done through activities that they find fun such as bowling, skating, and reading. When you place your kids in the care of Living Faith Church, you can be sure that they will have the foundation necessary to keep in the right path. It is, after all, written in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart form it.”

KIDS – If you think that Living Faith Church only has summer programs for children, you would be wrong. Living Faith Church also has the KIDS program. K. I. D. S. stands for Kids in Divine Service. It is a program which teaches children to love God and Serve Him. They meet every Sunday at 9:30 AM to engage in activities such as puppets, story telling, and even snacking to teach children about the basics of the Christian faith. Through this program, your children will be firmly rooted in the faith and will grow up accordingly.

Coffee Fellowship – When you are a Christian, fellowship is very important in your spiritual growth. Living Faith Church encourages fellowship among adults before the worship service by serving coffee, pastries, and other goodies in the lounge. What starts with a cup of coffee can grow into a faith-enhancing experience. Through the coffee fellowship, people can find other adults and talk about different things pertaining to Christian living. They can share their blessings to one another.

Master’s Storehouse – Another way to share blessings is to help people in need. Living Faith Church maintains a Master’s Storehouse which contains non-perishable foods to help families in need. Contributions from members are distributed to people greatly in need of a little relief.

Outreach – The Master’s Storehouse is not the only way that the Living Faith Church helps other people. Through different outreaches, the Living Faith Church is able to build bridges with other people. In a world where most people are afraid to meet eye contact, a helping hand can help other people feel the presence of God in their lives. In a time when people are working so hard to meet their needs, even a simple can of soda can be a great blessing. Living Faith Church helps people feel the presence of God through small but significant things.

Prayer Ministry – Prayer provides the basic foundation of every Christian’s life. Living Faith Church encourages people to pray by providing them with times wherein they can pray together. The Living Faith Church Prayer Ministry will pray for any needs that people might have. By focusing on prayer, Living Faith Church can help people get closer to God.