Living Faith Christian Church

The Living Faith that Constitutes Every Christian Church

With more than 1, 500 recognized living Christian churches of today, it is hard to believe that there is only one in the early years. Yet, in those early years there is only one Christian church that Jesus Christ had organized. The early Christian years have decidedly went on apparently without hinting that churches would be subdivided and would produce different church denominations.

This is probably the most sensitive issue in the church, so you most likely would ask how come the one church that Jesus Christ had erected is now of different faiths, different theologies, and different doctrines. Such is a question that remains but what is really important about this matter? It is the belief and religious faith that should be considered at large and not how churches were subdivided into different entities…

Regardless of the religion or ministry one belongs to, it should be the living faith where much weight should be put in – and not on the animosity of the certain sect. Because, even when you are not in the same religion with another, you still have the same faith and love to Jesus Christ. And whether you belong to a Christian church or does not, faith is about something that you want to adhere to your living in your love for Jesus Christ.

How did Christian church change and divide over time?

As mentioned, when Jesus Christ was here on earth, he had a single church for people to go to. He had called the apostles to instruct them on how the church was supposedly run. Simon Peter took the authority of leading the church, and together with the other apostles, has taught and preached many Jewish people. The conflict begun as right from the start, the Jews did not like Jesus Christ. They rejected Him, and claims about Him being the much largely-awaited Messiah were not believed.

Jews crucified Jesus Christ, but the apostles continued to teach and preach about the gospel. When a man called Saul was converted into the Christian church, it was the time that the division was seen. The man took what the apostles have been doing, but instead of reaching over to Jews he turned over to the Gentiles to preach. This was the first division of the church that has occurred, although that was not what Jesus Christ had originally taught.

In the years to come, there are to be many other Christian churches to follow. There is the 70 AD group which would later become the church to teach higher gospel and law, and also called at a later time, Eastern Orthodox Church. In the following years, the Roman Catholic Church followed in the list. The two has seen disagreeing and conflicts become wider until there were two churches now in the scene.

Several others followed in the centuries to come and people has begun questioning the various doctrines and teachings simply because they could not easily interpret various scriptures distributed. The same scenario continued up to this date, but the apparent rift between many Christian churches and religious organizations has come to the wide awakening of the people that there are different reformations made giving way to ultimate separation of the religious faith.

On the contrary, this has given people religious freedom allowing them to choose one faith. Ironically, the different living faiths in the world only constitute to one reality that, save for the atheists, they all have the same direction of believing to the Lord Jesus Christ.