Live By Following Your Spiritual Control Tower

Your spiritual control tower leads you by your heart’s desires. You may not follow your heart’s desires because of your fears. Life is a test for you to listen to your heart’s desires and obey the control tower. Your spiritual control tower is God speaking to you. Life is a test for you to trust God and obey him. When you act upon your heart’s desires against your fears, you will find your life become much happier and a lot more fulfilling than ever before. How to get from where you are to where you want to go is none of your business. It is God’s business. That is why you have been given a heart to listen and a mind to create.

Your heart’s desires are what brings you joy. When you follow what brings you joy, you will always have peace. The only way to be happy is to trust and obey your heart’s desires. There is no other way. Trust in your control tower and do what you really feel like doing. Your heart’s desire is God’s purpose for you. When you follow your heart, you are staying on purpose. When you do something out of love, you have all power in the universe to back you up. You should not judge what you are doing based out the outcome. As long as you feel in your heart that it is something you want to do, then that is where your control tower is leading you. You are a pilot flying a plane in the sky of life. As long as the skies are clear, you are able to see where you are going. But there are times when you run into dark clouds and you can’t see what is ahead of you. Your control tower knows the whole picture and is directing you to go through the clouds. You might resist and go a different direction instead because of fear, worry and insecurity. In other words, you are doubting the control tower. But faith is to follow your heart’s desire even when you can’t see what is ahead of you because the future seems unclear and uncertain. You have to get out of your mind and into your heart. Walk by faith and not by sight.

When your motivation is set on God instead of money or results, you will find yourself creating more than you ever did before. The energy, the inspiration and the creativity keeps flowing through you because you are now an open vessel. The more you surrender, the more you find pouring into your life. Your heart’s desires become more effective because you are now letting the control tower guide you. Results is not what motivates you because the work itself is its own fulfillment. You are operating from the realm of spirit which is the work of your heart. Be indifferent to outcome.

We are always trying to stop something we do not want from happening, but the paradox of dissolving something is to stir it up instead. What you resist persist. As long as you resist it, the possibility of it happening will seek expression. The way to bring something to an end faster is to accelerate its progress. If it’s meant to be, it will continue to be, otherwise it will come to an end. The faster you find out, the faster you can be free of it. This is the enlightened way of dealing with anything that comes your way that you want to resolve faster. Don’t fight it, let God show you how it’s supposed to go. What’s yours is yours, nothing and no one can take it away from you.

Your spiritual control tower also leads you in the timing to do something. You may have a certain desire to do something but then feel it is not the time to do it yet. The desire is there which means you may accomplish it in time to come. But at the moment you have something else that you want to do first. The thing that you want to do in the present is the one your control tower leading you to engage in. This is how you decide between two desires to act upon. Follow your stronger heart’s desire in the present and you will never go wrong.

When God has purposed you to be with something, he will work on both sides. God will draw you towards the thing you want and he will draw the thing you want towards you. Know this is the way that God works and you can be rest assured that when God wants you to have something, he will also cause it to move to you. When you let go and trust that you do not need to hold on to something, God will hold on to it for you. The easiest and effortless way to get what you want is to communicate in vibrational harmony with it.

If you want to know whether a desire is coming from your spiritual control tower instead of your ego, you can wait and see if it grows stronger or weaker over time. You may try to ignore certain desires or push them away, but they keep coming back time and time again. The more you try to escape, the more you find you cannot escape. You can pray for God to remove that desire if you’re not meant to have it, but he will answer by making it stronger. That’s when you know it is your spiritual control tower calling you to act upon and you have every right to move in that direction.

Even when you follow your heart’s desire, you may find that you are not getting the results that you want. Remember to stay on purpose and not on outcome. Continue taking action in the direction of your desire even though it seems that the outcome your actions are supposed to accomplish might not happen that way. Trust in the direction God is leading you and know that he has a wonderful plan that you are a part of. Always trust and follow your heart’s desires. As long as you are being true to yourself while being unattached to the outcome, you are on the right track.