Literature term paper

To write a Literature term paper is the test of your own latent literary genius. Through this paper you get the best opportunity to express your own valuable opinions. Don’t you get such opportunities in other term papers? You do get, but Literature term paper is something special. It is closely linked to your personality. Whatever may be the topic of the Literature term paper, you can’t help penning down and tactfully comment upon the experiences of your own life. Any story will always tell something about the author.

You have a wide range of topics to select for writing your Literature term paper. But the topics for such assignments are generally given by your Teacher/Professor. If you are writing a paper on fiction, the normal mistake committed is, you focus on the characters of the novel. You are making reality out of the fiction. Instead, concentrate on characterization; comment upon the writer’s planning and presentation of the characters, why they do what they do, the purpose of their interaction and how they exist at their levels etc. What values they propound and stand for. How they can be related to the present conditions in the society etc.

Don’t use vague terms and stuff your Literature term paper with jargon. This is not the place to exhibit your high-flown vocabulary. Use simple language. Simple characters speak simple language, not the English of the Kings. You don’t give quotations for the sake of quotation. You need to build up a case for the presentation of quotation and then develop your arguments on the basis of that quotation. Why you thought it fit to present the quote, at this particular juncture of your Literature term paper! Why it stands out, what are the typical words used and their meaning; all these explanations will make your efforts of quoting it worthwhile. They will clear the doubts, if any, of your readers.

Don’t start your Literature term paper with a flourish, howsoever confident you may be about the topic. You may have a bunch of ideas about the topic. But taking into consideration the length of the paper that you are going to write, note down the points and the number of paragraphs, content wise. If it is possible, let each paragraph have a separate idea. Let there be a logical continuity in writing. Don’t make the paragraphs too long or too short. Don’t waste space in the paper. Go by the prescribed formats like, MLA, APA etc.

Introduction and conclusion of your Literature term paper are very important. Write and rewrite the introduction a dozen times, but make it perfect, content wise. These introductory sentences/observations will carry the reader to the end of the paper. You must be able to kindle instant curiosity in them regarding the contents of your Literature term paper. Reserve the punch line for the conclusion and let it be the last sentence of your paper.

Finally, read and read your Literature term paper for spelling mistakes, punctuations and verbiage. Be a strict and judicious editor for your own writing!