Listlessness – Acupuncture

Do you find yourself just dragging around, to wit, suffering from listlessness? Acupuncture may be the answer as your meridians may be out of whack.

Listlessness – Acupuncture

The condition of listlessness or general lack of energy is usually related to insomnia. A person is listless because he has not had the proper amount of sleep. To understand the acupuncture treatment for insomnia and listlessness, one must understand how Traditional Chinese Medicine views sleep. The human body is seen as being similar to the natural environment that surrounds it. His body is like a miniature planet. In the same manner that the sun sets at night, the vital energy of the body (qi) and the blood retire into the body. When these elements reach the interior, sleep is possible.

Understanding this analogy makes it easier to understand why the acupuncture points that are targeted to aid sleep and reduce listlessness are those that are concerned with disorders of the heart and kidneys. Points that address deficiency of Qi and of blood at the heart or spleen are also used. It is thought the cause is sometimes a lack of Yin in the liver. These concepts are somewhat hard to grasp by those not trained in Chinese Medicine. It is comforting to know that either overeating or starving are viewed as culprits as well. The first condition suggests the needling of points that control food retention.

It is usually difficult to address the specific treatment for a disorder like listlessness by acupuncture. It is important to remember that something like this would be only a symptom. The insomnia might be considered a cause except insomnia itself is a symptom of something else. The underlying causes are at the elemental and vital energy level. Therefore, the treatment is going to address the underlying cause and not the symptom.

Once the underlying cause is gone and harmony is restored, the symptom will follow in short order. As can be seen the underlying cause for a condition like listlessness can be one of a large variety of things. This is why the acupuncture practitioner will do a complete physical examination. This examination is called the Four Element examination. Such things as the color and texture of the tongue are examined. All of the elements of the examination give the practitioner clues as to the exact nature of the disorder. When this is done, a treatment plan can be devised.

Listlessness, if it is not related to insomnia, would still represent an emotional disorder of the body and even the spirit of the patient. The more classical Five Element acupuncture looks very closely at emotional disorder. Since it views treatment as bringing not only the Elements in harmony, but also the body and spirit, it is ideal for the treatment of any emotional disorder including chronic listlessness.