Listening to Music on the Road

Using A Car Stereo Smartly While Driving

Listening to music on the road is a great way to take some of the pressure of driving off the driver. Studies even back up the fact that singing while the car eats up miles of road can help keep a driver alert and awake. Unfortunately, if singing were all there was to listening to the radio and driving, there probably wouldn’t be as many accidents.

Singing is okay, but fumbling with CDs, taking eyes off the road to change channels or allowing a foot to tap a little too aggressively during a fun and fast song can be very bad ideas. In fact, they’re the stuff accidents are made of.

To ensure maximum safety while enjoying a little music for the ride takes some common sense and a bit of advanced planning before hitting the road. Here are some ideas to minimize the risk of listening to a few tunes while driving:

* If you’re using CDs, make sure your selection is nearby and easy to change out. If possible, get a multi disc changer or even consider an MP3 player that can store hours of tunes on a single disc.
* Use stereo presets. These can make it really easy to switch from channel to channel without having to take eyes off the road. These generally are pretty simple to program and offer drivers a lot of options.

Listening to the stereo in the car can be about more than just music, too. Smart can also mean multitasking. For many people nowadays, commutes can be up to several hours a day. This is time that’s lost from doing other things. While it’s not a good idea to consider reading your favorite author’s latest works from behind the wheel, perhaps you can catch up with books on tape.

Other ways to take advantage of the time and put that stereo to full use include learning a foreign language on tape, checking out the news, listening to a favorite motivational speaker and more.

With more and more people finding themselves behind the wheel of a car for hours a day, sometimes the steering wheel gets more one-on-one time than family members. While there’s little doubt the most important thing to do while driving is just that, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little something special to that time. Make the most of it by using a good stereo system to its full potential.