When we step onto our soul’s path and into our greatness, every area of our lives wakes up and we are guided to our highest good in many different ways. One of these ways is through spiritual geography.

Spiritual geography is the geography that we are called to for our next stage of growth, transformation or evolution. This calling may come to us in the form of dreams, intuition, memories of places we’ve been, visiting a new place and feeling like you are home, or simply an inner knowing.

Geographies have energy – have their own energetic package – just like people. And just like we resonate with different people to varying degrees – or not – we do so with geography. Is where you live alive for you? Does it light up? Is it fresh? Are you feeling momentum in your life and work. Or not?

Some people have multiple primary spiritual geographies over a life time. Some have a single primary one. Just like lovers or significant others. Some say “yes” to these lovers and some do not.

We all know the difference between saying “yes” to a soul mate and “yes” to one who is not that. Just as we know – often in hind sight – what it’s like to say “no.” The same is true of spiritual geography.

Spiritual geographies can be near or far. One of my clients moved from Los Angeles to the Gulf Coast of Texas the year she turned seventy. It was like she’d come home.

Others who live in one city or another often tell me how alive, creative or peaceful they feel when they are by the ocean, or on the side of a mountain, or walking through a forest. We start getting them there.

The calling to a spiritual geography may be for a more permanent move, for a season, or even for a long week-end. The reasons for the call are many.

Maybe the climate or the energy lights you up. Or it is a beginning of some sort: to meet someone, to heal or to do what you really love. (Someone who loves ranch work will never be happy at an office in Boston.) The possibilities are many. But we are called there for a reason which the soul knows well.

When we follow the call, the path opens before us. When we don’t, things are harder. We might be drawn to a geographic area for one thing and discover after being there that we are there for a different reason.

One of my coaches is at the end of a phenomenal trip in Paris with her husband, a trip she has dreamed about for years. She wrote of using geography throughout her adult life as she travelled across the globe – searching. She thought that one day she might need to live in Europe, and France was high on her list.

She heeded the long-time call to Paris. Besides a lovely, romantic vacation, she found that the greener grass she was looking for was in her desert home of cactus and sand, and that “…France is not my soul’s home.” She needed the trip to discover that she was already living in her spiritual geography.

When I moved from a small town in the south to Boston early in my professional career, my life took off in ways I could never have imagined. I followed a calling and the way became clear.

What is the spiritual geography that is calling you? It’s important to listen and follow. And take the next step.

Step into Your Greatness…your spiritual geography could be the key you’ve been looking for!