Liquid Kelp provides a powerful Kelp Health Benefit!

A news report on kelp health benefits from the International seaweed symposium declared “In all patients there followed a dramatic drop in incidence of the common cold, as well as flu’s resultant in a very favorable kelp health benefit” from ingesting liquid kelp. People who had already got the virus, the strength and length of their sickness was cut down to the point that the irritation was greatly reduced by the health benefits of liquid kelp.

Digitata Laminaria is renowned as the most prized kelp on the planet. Growing wild in the pristine waters of Nova Scotia, this species of kelp contains the highest levels of vitamins and minerals to provide an optimal Kelp Health Benefit. The availability of kelp health products is becoming more and more common, as studies and reports emerge extolling the virtues of this amazing and abundant plant. Kelp can be eaten raw, you can find it now in pill and capsule form, however the latest technology which provides the greatest kelp health benefit due to it’s greater bio-availability, is liquid kelp.

Documentation of these Kelp Health Benefits have come from:

1- Easy to ingest – 1/2 oz for an average adult

2- Secrets of Health and Beauty, Pyramid books1970

Studies have shown that Breast Cancer is one of a number of maladies the health benefits of kelp therapy have proven to be successful with. Since the 1920’s Breast Cancer death rates have barely changed. Surgical procedures, chemotherapy, mammography, and radiotherapy haven’t changed the rate of death from Breast Cancer, only fattened the wallets of researchers, doctors and drug companies 85 percent of adult females that get breast cancer will die from causes directly interrelated to breast cancer. (Author: Doctor. David Derry)

As breast cancer rates across the country continue to increase, more people are interested in early intervention or prevention. Dr. Deny’s theories, based on extensive review of published medical literature in combination with his experience as a clinician, are not his alone.

In fact, research is already underway on the impact of iodine on cancer prevention and reduction-a VERY important kelp health benefit. Dr. Derry proposes supporting the body’s natural immune system and metabolic health with proper thyroid levels, and combining that with the intake of a small daily dose of iodine-another Kelp Health Benefit.

Realizing that a diet rich in kelp might lessen the danger of estrogen-dependent diseases like Breast Cancer, health researchers at UCLA Berkeley, demanded a significant increase in scientific research into kelp health benefits