Linking Your Way to the Top of the Search Engines

Except for worthwhile content, nothing can raise your rankings on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) faster than a good linking campaign. In fact, with enough good sites linking to you, you can be assured good search engine rankings. And, because a good linking campaign requires no investment or special talent, it is something all webmasters can do. Here are a few ways to find websites likely to link to you.

One way is to do a simple search to find websites with information about the same subject as your site, or closely related information. If you have a website about flowers, for instance, you can use search terms such as “gardens”, “gardening”, “flowers”, “plants”, and “seedlings” to find sites which may be interested in linking to yours.

Alternatively, you can identify a few websites ranked highly for one or more keywords for which you would like to be highly ranked. Then, find the websites linking to the highly ranked sites. To do that, search for “link:” (without the quotation marks) and the complete URL of the website. For instance, link: (and don’t forget the colon after the word “link”).

After that, visit the websites you’ve identified, collect and save the webmasters’ email addresses, and send out emails asking for a link. To get the desired links, your email should:

1. be concise, grammatically correct, and polite. Always say “please”.

2. describe your site succinctly and without hype. Explain why visitors to the webmaster’s site would benefit from visiting yours.

3. offer the webmaster something in return. For example:

a. a text link or banner on your site.

b. the address of a website which will submit their site to 300,000 search engines, directories, and websites for free. After they link to you, tell them about the free search engine submission page.

If you send link requests to ten website owners a day and convince just one out of ten to link to you, the result will be thirty new links a month.

If you use the techniques above you should see at least small gains in traffic to your site in as little as thirty days. The more important benefit, higher search engine rankings, may take longer, depending on how competitive your desired keywords are. But, your search engine rankings should continue to rise as more websites link to yours and the search engines therefore perceive your site as being increasingly relevant.

If you are persistent, your link campaign can bring you great results. Many sites that began as hobbies became highly profitable as a result of good linking campaigns.