Lighten Your Load And Travel Light

Every day you come home from work with shoulder aches and pains from toting your laptop, which you don’t open, anyway. The thought that you might just need it badgers you when you start for the door. Is there an end in sight for this problem?

When In Doubt, Leave It Out

Living the nomadic life? Learn to travel light, whether you’re taking the trip by plane, boat, or bus. Mastering the art of traveling light can be a challenge to those who seem to think they can’t do without the essentials – the hair dryer, travel alarm clock, and that extra pair of shoes. Even going to work Mondays to Fridays, you have to choose the things to take along and eliminate the unnecessary gadgets that just crowd your bag.

First thing¬ís first. For work, check the contents of your bag. There’s a makeup kit (for women), a wallet, a credit card holder, cellular phone, pens, a notebook, and other little things that could be left at home. What do you really need to take to work? Do you need your credit cards and a host of pens? If you take along an extra toothbrush, that’s fine. But if you have to bring a roll of tissue paper, that’s another thing.

As for your laptop, do you have a computer waiting at your desk? If there is, why take your laptop along? No wonder you’re having all those shoulder and neck pains because of the unnecessary load. Screen your bag contents and remove the things that you can leave behind. Instead of taking along six pens, just bring one. You can leave those credit cards under lock and key occasionally.

Things To Leave Behind

Traveling out of town? If you’re going to stay in a hotel, don’t bring those bath essentials unless you have a medical condition and using a prescribed formulation. The hotel provides for everything you’ll need at no extra cost.

Decide if you need a digital camera. If your cell phone has a built-in camera, perhaps it is wise not to take it with you. But if you’re on a vacation, a camera is important. On a business trip, you will have little or no time for sightseeing, so don’t waste precious space in your luggage.

Don’t bring bulky sweatpants and jackets if you’re going to a warm place where there’s sunshine all-year round. As for shoes, limit yourself to the pair you’re using. If you need to bring a book, grab a paperback. The less bulk, the happier you’ll be with your lighter load.

Your Laptop

Rushing to the tube early in the morning and toting your laptop can be a nightmare. Pause for awhile and assess if you need the laptop for the day. If have other things to do at work that won’t need any online browsing or data entry, nix the idea of taking it along.

For a camping weekend, don’t bring your laptop. You’ll rob yourself of the enjoyment of an outdoor experience. Bring your flashlights, extra lighters, and cellular phone, plus an extra battery instead. Your camping gear and everything needed for the outdoors should be at the back of the Ford pick-up.

Backpacking with a laptop is not an inviting idea. Just imagine the miles you’ll trek, the heat, and the unpredictable rains. So sober up and pack light for every travel you’re going to embark on. Once you’ve learned to live without the unnecessary gizmos, life will never be the same again.