Lichen planus | hair loss disease | symptoms and treatment

Lichen Planus is a disease which is common with hair loss. There are varieties of factors that cause the experiencing of hair loss. Disease or disorder is related to the falling out of hair and they are attributed as the reasons for the hair loss. There are a number of factors that relate to the hair loss with this particular disease. Although lichen planus is not an explicit problem with hair loss, it can cause from difficulties with the scalp.

Familiar skin disorder

Lichen planus is familiar as a skin disorder that also affects other areas of the body. In addition to the skin and body the scalp is also affected, since it is a skin disorder. The problems associated with the immune system are due to this and it is usually considered to be an allergic reaction. If you are in a hectic situation the immunization to lichen planus is apparent, some will believe in this. Along with affecting the skin and rest of the body, this will also affect the immune system. After subjected to lichen planus for the first time, it is possible to immune to the disease afterwards, even with treatment and prevention measures.

Skin lesions, ridges and color

The variance in the color of the skin is the most identifiable symptom of the Lichen planus. In different places of the skin the skin lesions will appear and also there will be itching in different areas of the skin. The shape, size and color which are the characteristics of the skin lesions will help you in finding the disorder. Ridges in the nails begin to emerge which are called nail abnormalities. Due to the movement of the skin lesions into mouth area your mouth will experience dry. Starting from here, lichen planus will begin to appear on the scalp area and hair will be gone from the frustration from the scalp area.

Symptoms and treatment

Treating of the lichen planus will be important if you are experiencing one or all of these symptoms. As time progresses, sometimes, the symptoms will be disappeared. Sometimes the need arises to take the prescribed medications. In helping to cure lichen planus Antihistamines are used. Ointments and creams which contain vitamin A are also Things such as vitamin A in the form of ointments and creams are also measured to be effective. It takes a few months or more to expect this disorder to be disappeared.

Lichen planus symptoms include deficiencies in the skin, as well as hair loss. It is finest to get this diagnosed and find treatment. The visibility of skin lesions can cause discomfort. In order to get your skin back to normal stage and hair re-grow you need to understand the symptoms of the lichen planus, as well how to treat the problem. If you believe that you have this disorder, verify with a doctor to rule out other medical conditions.