Leveraging Your Time and Money

Today, the role of leveraged income is becoming a strong force in our economy. People are approaching the horizon of retirement only to discover they have not been able to sufficiently save for the years the have looked forward to enjoying. Last year the United States had a negative one percent savings rate. Corporate shifts leave people without the job or career they thought they once had. Those who are left find they are increasingly doing more work, spending more time, and getting farther behind. There is market need for our product which is creating passive income. Electronic or e-commerce is growing dramatically and with it the ability to share businesses that commonly have been conducted in traditional methods has grown almost beyond one’s imagination. According to Home Business there are 175,000 people joining a network marketing business each week. I believe there are many who are seeking a professional opportunity, one in which they can participate with dignity.

What does this say for us? It speaks volumes! Journalist, Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “The Tipping Point”, discusses how small-scaled events can create enormous change, both socially and economically. Economist, Paul Zane Pilzer, in “The Wellness Revolution”, predicts the health and wellness industry will be the next trillion dollar industry. These indicators support the idea that entrepenturers seeking a new channels for income will be looking very closely at an opportunity like ours both full-time and part-time. We are very unique in the marketplace. I do not know of another organization with quite the same approach – one that appeals to a broad range of people.

Winning organizations are those who develop a system specific to their business. Coaching people to strengthern their portfolios and in doing so align themselves with a solid network marketing company will be paramount to achieving long lasting passive income.

Look for an established company, own you feel is strong and one that you are confident you can support. You want to be assured that your investment of time and energy are safe. Choose a company with a broad range of products. This secures that those participating in the business model will not need to worry about the safety of their commissions. The compensation system (often the best are hybrids) should be fair and equitable and should pay out at many levels.

Choose leadership where there is a complete system with an appealing approach to the marketplace. One who has studied very successful organizations and how they are managed in areas of the country or world where there are top producers. The business model and system within needs to be succinctly defined and automated so you can concentrate on attracting into your organization those your desire and then provide them with a way to easily replicate the system to produce a stream of passive income for themselves.