Letting Your Dog Choose its Toys

Shopping for Toys with Your Dog

Due to the influx of pet stores that allow pet owners to bring their dogs along for a day of shopping, more and more pets are having the opportunity to select their toys on their own. If you have a dog and want to ensure that the toys you purchase for it will be loved, then it is highly advantageous to take your pet to the store with you.

When you taking your pet to the store, be sure that you have a suitable transportation system. When opening and closing your car door, ensure that your dog is properly restrained so that he does not escape. In the event that your dog gets away in an unfamiliar area, he is in danger of getting lost or wondering into traffic that could be harmful.

Once your dog is properly on a leash, you may proceed into the store. In fact, most pet stores require that if you do choose to bring your pet into the store with you, he or she is restrained within either a pet carrying case or by leash.

Your dog may become excited one he or she enters the store. He will see tanks of fish and cages of birds. He may also even run into other dogs. For this reason, it is important that you have enough control over your pet and the leash so that he does not get too far out of your reach. You may also want to take along doggy treats to lure him back to you in the event that his attention becomes overwhelmingly distracted by other things.

You and your dog are free to wonder up and down isles. Follow the direction of your dog. You can test items out with your dog, such as balls, bones, beds and stuffed animals. However, it is appreciated if you do not remove items from their packaging.

Also, be aware that just as your dog may put an item in its mouth, other dogs may have also done the same thing. Some stores even have policies about dogs putting merchandise in their mouths, so be sure to check with the individual store policy before allowing your pet to have free reign.

Be sure that when the shopping trip is over, you reward your dog for good behavior (if, indeed he behaved.) in addition to the toys, purchase him a special doggy treat or take him on a jog in the park on the way home. Treat your dog like your best friend and he truly will perform to your expectations.

Source: https://positivearticles.com