Let Your Hall Mirror Speak of Your Tastes

Hall mirror is a vital piece of accessory for home décor. Perhaps, one of the oldest and indispensable human accessories, a simple mirror has graduated from just a physical personality reflector to elaborate decorative item. And full length mirror decorating the main room of your home falls exactly under the category of decorative mirrors. So, why is a hall mirror so significant in the interior decoration plans of a home?

The main hall or drawing room of your home is the place where you give out the second impression (the first impression is the exteriors of your home) about your style and tastes. Every item in the hall is reflective of the inner personality of the residents of the home. And mirror, the reflector, is an ideal choice to impress everyone visiting your home. A full length mirror in the room not only creates a mirage of more space, but also radiates extra light if the room is dark. Full length mirror doesn’t mean that the mirror should cover the space between the floor and the roof on the wall. It’s ideal if it is large enough to give out an attractive feeling to the whole aura of the room.

Your hall mirror should not be bland and presented in vacuum. If left to itself, the hall mirror could actually be an embarrassment. It glows with its surroundings that should be apt and signify your class. A great piece of painting or craft or any artwork that gives out a classy feeling is an ideal companion of your hall mirror.

You can also create an illusion of depth in a room. Just paint one wall of the room with dark colors and let the rest of the walls be of contrasting colors. Now hang the full length mirror on the dark wall and see the difference for yourself.

You should also ornate the hall mirror with some floral arrangements or better, if you can come up with something totally indigenous and wacky. You can also consider readymade wall displays that are available in huge varieties.

No doubt, hall mirror is a great tool for your drawing room, but be informed – if placed in the wrong direction, a hall mirror can create all sorts of problems and confusions in the otherwise, well-planned home.