Let Equipment Leasing Finance Be Your Forward Momentum for Asset Financing – Use Lease Companies Today More Than Ever

A condition of advancement. That’s how ‘ forward ‘ is defined, and isn’t that whats it’s all about in business and competition. And acquiring assets via equipment leasing finance categorically moves your company forward. It’s the proper use of lease companies in asset finance that we’ll examine, with a focus on ‘ why ‘!

Canadian business owners and financial managers do best when they view asset financing via equipment leasing finance as a ‘ tool ‘. It’s utilizing that tool to leverage assets for your business sales and profit growth that makes lease companies the logical solution for fixed asset acquisition.

So for what type of asset does equipment finance not work? Quite frankly we cant think of one – whether its the new kid on the block – energy assets , or manufacturing, chemicals, food, planes, construction, auto , public infrastructure … well .. we think you get the story. All assets can be financed, simple as that.

Whats so hard about understanding the value that lease companies bring to your firms table? It’s a simple case of you ensuring you have chose then right asset, and that asset then being purchased on your behalf .. ensuring your ability to profit and grow from the use of the asset.

But that’s not all of course, because the inherent flexibility that comes with leasing gives you the right to acquire the ownership of the asset depending on what type of lease you construct and on what terms.

Advantages of this method of asset acquisition are fairly well known. You are in effect matching the outlays of cash for the lease to the benefits you will derive from the asset. The Canadian lease financing marketplace is on a total roll in 2011 and the asset finance industry is ready for business, yours! Interest rates are low, lease rates are ultra competitive and in many cases can even match bank financing, especially when you consider the processes and collateral you might be required to go through via a bank term loan for an asset .

2 to 5. What do we mean by that? Simply that that’s the typical duration of an asset lease in Canada – anywhere from two years to five years. We can’t remember when we have seen a lease term less than two years, because it simply doesn’t make sense for lease companies – although on occasion 7 and 10 year terms are available for certain asset classes… think heavy constructionb, aircraft, infrastructure, etc.

Clients can be forgiven for usually focusing only on the cash and working capital preservation aspects of equipment leasing finance .If you have limited capital, or don’t wish to disturb other financing you have in place leasing makes sense. Yes it’s true, this method of financing doesn’t deliver cash to your company, but it sure prevents it from leaving quickly… and in large amounts.

It’s of course an understatement to say that we’re doing business in a tech driven environment, so computers, telecom, and other tech assets lend themselves perfectly to equipment finance.

If you’re concerned or simply want to become better informed about how to go about achieving the best benefits of this financing vehicle speak to an experienced, trusted and credible Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in ensuring you’re ‘ moving forward ‘ via this valuable tool in Canadian business financing.