Lessons on Life We Can Learn From Jim Rohn

The death of Jim Rohn was felt throughout the globe at the end of of 2009. Having traveled around the globe for over 30 years, Jim Rohn was definitely a world-renowned figure and inspiration to millions of individuals from every walk of life.

If you have not heard Jim Rohn speak I can only say youre missing out. Unfortunately, I never was able to sit in on one of his seminars before Jim Rohn died. But, I have, and you have access to his years of labor, wisdom, motivation, and inspiration through his various recorded teachings. I know his self improvement resources have served me well in my brief personal development journey.

Who is Jim Rohn?
Simply put, Jim Rohn is known for his ability to communicate to others the lessons he has learned through life and from his rags to riches story. He pretty much describes himself as a loser when he was in his early twenties, and it disgusted him. He minces no words when he says he was living well within his potential. I believe most people today do just this. But the inspirational Jim Rohn started in network marketing with his mentor “John” Earl Shoaff and he was never the same. Earl Shoaff taught him about life, philosophy, work, business, and how to think. In short, he catapulted Rohn onto the high road of life change.

Lessons on Life
And life change is exactly what Jim Rohn teaches about. He covers it all really, and he calls them the 5 major pieces to the life puzzle, which also happens to be the title of one of his books. Perhaps the most striking message Jim Rohn can impress upon all of us are his ideas on personal philosophy. He calls our philosophy the set of the sail, and life is simply the wind. We all have control of our own sails, but not the wind. Yet, the same wind blows on all of us.

Now, I have studied quite a bit of philosophy and psychology, but reading Jim Rohn books taught me far more about how to actually live a better, happier life in a much more concise form than any other book I can think of. To put it bluntly, Jim Rohn changed my life in some incredible ways.

I believe we can all learn a lot from studying Jim Rohn, as well as his mentor Earl Shoaff. Even though I have listened to his audio CDs, watched a few of his DVDs, and read a ton of material about Jim Rohn, I still learn from him. A specific Jim Rohn video I have I have watched and taken notes numerous times, but I still know that if I turned it on right now I am confident I could pick up a new lesson or insight. In basic terms, Jim Rohn rose to and lived the successful life that many of us dream about; and hes gone on to teach others how to do it. All of this is only part of the reason they call him the mentor of mentors.