Lessons In MLM That I Learned From Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is the bestselling writer of “Your First Year In Network Marketing”, “Self Wealth”, and a number of others that have been classics in the field of the MLM industry. A couple of weeks back I interviewed Mark and he answered some questions about this profession that I’ve had for a long time. I wanted to take a brief minute and share some of the insights that I gained from our conversation.

First, Mark Yarnell is not traditional Networker. He doesn’t believe in the age old adage that ‘duplication is king’ in your MLM business. He cuts straight to the truth of the matter and teaches that if you want to be a leader in your MLM business, it doesn’t matter whether you copy your upline leader or not. You simply need to learn how to bring on board a massive amount of people to your team.

A few years ago when I was struggling in my own MLM business, I ran across Mark’s books and I read his controversial views on MLM duplication and I about fell out of my chair. I couldn’t believe that a network marketing leader as well known as Mark Yarnell was spilling the beans on the age old duplication myth. At the time, it was an extraordinary concept, but he taught that rather than having to copy some scientific formula, you simply have to capitalize on your unique talents, skills, and abilities in a way that works for you.

He had a funny story about how if you crashed into a BMW, you wouldn’t drive around town crashing into cars trying to sponsor a new distributor. When you paint a stupid illustration like that, it seems silly but that’s the essence of what most MLM leaders teach. Building a business in the MLM profession is about creating relationships, not copying your upline leader.

The most valuable insight I gained from my conversation with Mark was that the only thing that will truly make or break your success in Network Marketing is the numbers. There are all kinds of ways we can try and justify other explanations, but the truth is that if you look into any MLM organization in the world, approximately one out of every 30 people who join an MLM business go nuts and start making a few thousand dollars a month. About one out of every 100 people make a six figure income in most companies, and about one out of every thousand people hit the mid six figures to seven figure level annually.

Knowing the numbers simply creates one question: how can you create an unbelievable rush of people who are swarming into your opportunity? Also how can you coach people together in a team environment that allows everyone to learn the skills that they need to break through? One thing I learned from Mark Yarnell is that although you’ve got to train people on how to be successful, in the end you just can’t fight the numbers, you’ve got to embrace them, and when you have enough people in your team combined with an EXCELLENT company and a great team culture, there’s magic that happens for everyone.