Les Baux Hotels & Restaurants

Picturesque village, dramatic arrangement of rocks and cliffs, chateaux ruins — these are the perfect backdrop in rekindling romance. Les Baux de Provence, a historical and one of the most breathtaking provinces of ‘Le Midi,’ is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who love art, history, nature and everything that is old. To keep the flame of love alive, treat yourself and your beloved for a week long relaxation and enjoyment with Auberge de la Benvengudo hotel’s spring and summer packages.

Le Midi, as they call Southern France, speaks of rugged beauty yet retains it elegance and class. The Massif des Alpille Mountains surrounds the region, providing each village in Le Midi the splendor of rocky mountain. The castles, works of art and stylish country houses tone the ruggedness of the region as artistry and richness in history bestow upon it the elegance that it deserves. You can behold all these captivating sceneries with Les Baux de Provence hotel’s spring and summer packages. These getaway packages are offered by charming and stylish hotels in the heart of Les Baux.

An ideal retreat is Auberge del la Benvengudo whose hotel accommodation varies; there are hotel rooms perfect for couples, especially for the honeymooners, and apartments for a group of friends or a family. Each of these roomy havens is decorated with elegant art pieces and antique furniture to add class to the country design. With this hotel’s accommodation, you will undoubtedly experience the local Les Baux Provence bed and breakfast famous for its laid back Mediterranean style.

The Les Baux de Provence restaurants food and beverages are a mix of native French, Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish cuisines. The combination of these rich tasting and scrumptious cuisines make Les Baux de Provence dishes in a class of their own. Many Les Baux de Provence restaurants offer Mediterranean seafood baskets to complement the warm, breezy and country feel in Les Baux. Dishes are cooked in olive oil and sheep or lamb is the meat of choice rather than beef and pork. In every meal, wines are served in the table to gulp down grilled lamb or sheep marinated in wine and orange mixture, and sprinkled with oregano and basil leaves. It is believed that olive oil and wine are the keys to longevity in people of Mediterranean and the slenderness of French women; thus, more people are enjoying Les Baux cuisine knowing that they won’t add an inch in their waistline with each tasty meal they consume.

Why not try a picnic? You can relax; eagle spread your arms and legs on the grass, while a cool drink sits beside you to quench your thirst. The freshest fruits and vegetable will be served on your picnic mat or table, while your picnic hamper carries your food for the entire day. A Les Baux de Provence picnic hamper consists mainly of the most beloved Rose Wine, which is perfect for day drink, bottled water, a loaf of Provencal bread and herb based spread that will surely melt in your mouth.

Go and spoil yourself and your beloved on spring and summer. Leave the hustle and bustle of city living. Prepare to leave work and worries for a week and visit the village of Les Baux de Provence to experience the time of your lives. The rejuvenation you need is in the heart of Les Baux.