Leg Massage

It’s been a long tiring day and your mind has gone numb. You can’t think beyond the moment, and all you want to do is go home and leave the stress of work behind you. Your feet hurt, and your toes are pinching in your new hundred dollars a pair shoes. The person who designed the heel was a masochist and if you could do it with a clear conscience you’d throw the shoes into the nearest dumpster on your way home. What you really need though is a good leg massage.

There’s still a long way yet for you to get home though, and thankfully you don’t have to go in the subway, that would be dire on your feet under the circumstances and you really don’t think you’d manage to get home with your feet intact, regardless of the pair of trainers you would have worn. Your legs are aching something powerful and it’s all you can do not to whimper with the pain of it, and you think longingly of a good leg massage.

Manfully you glide across the parking lot so no one knows just what agonies you’re going through, but the minute you slide into your car you throw off the shoes and dump in them in the back seat. Your version of a dumpster, without the accompanying guilt.

Home at last and you walk in barefoot with your mind blanked out and your skirt zipper half undone. Luckily the neighbors are on vacation and can’t see you. You step in through the door and head straight for the bath tub. Your clothes hit the ground any which way and you climb into the bath before it fills up even one tenth of the way, because all you really want is to let your legs relax under the hot running water.

A sigh escapes your lips, this was the best part of your whole day, just letting your tight leg muscles loosen up. When your husband brings you a glass of red wine your day just can’t get any better. But it does as with uncanny precision he reaches for the bottle of massage oil and gives you a good leg massage. Starting from the tired and delicate soles of your feet he works his way up your strained calf muscles before working his way down again to your toes. Ah the sheer bliss of it.

You smile smugly at him and tell him it’s a good thing you made him take those classes on massage. When no answer is forthcoming you just sink back into your warm bath and enjoy your leg massage. Let the soothing rhythm overtake your mind and rejuvenate your soul. There’s nothing like a good leg massage to bring life back into your tired body.