Leave Work at Work

When your workday is done, wouldn’t it be wonderful to shed all that stress with every step you take out the door? By the time you turn the key in your ignition, wouldn’t you love to have your mind solely on your personal life? It’s easier to do than you think. Your job is just your job, your life is something else, something larger and more important.

I’m a clinical hypnotist, and helping people like you learn how to leave work at work is one of the most under-requested trump in my deck. Folks tend to think that professionals like me only help with smoking and weight loss. Nonsense. I’ve helped many people to better manage their lives by learning to leave work at work. Some of them come to see me in person, others use the telephone. Hypnosis works fine by phone; after all, it’s what the hypnotist says to you that counts.

So what kind of things do I say to help you leave work at work? Here are a few of the basics, although the words will always be tailored to your specific circumstances.

.They do not own you.
.They only rent you.
.Your job is worth doing and worth doing well.
.Give yourself permission to leave work at work.
.Leaving work at work will help you to do better.
.See yourself clocking out at the end of the day, and the stress begins to lift.
.You walk out the door, and more stress lifts off and floats away.
.Each step you take lifts off more and more stress.
.Seeing your car in the parking lot lifts off stress.
.Touching the door handle lets go of the last of the stress.
.Once you are inside your car, your time is now your own.
.Buckle up your seat belt, your time is now completely your own.
.Turn the key in the ignition, and you are fully on your own time.
.As you drive away, you feel calm, wonderful, relaxed, with your mind on your personal life.

And that’s just for starters. Are you in high pressure sales? After awhile, hearing the word NO may become an emotional issue for you. After all, you may hear that word many times in the course of a workday. And the fact is that some prospects do not happen to need your product or service at this time because, well, they simply don’t. It’s nothing personal. On one level, you know that it isn’t personal. Ah, but as time goes by, your skin thins, and you start taking it personally, and that hurts. It needn’t hurt, my friend, not ever again. Taking the word NO personally is another thing easily fixed with hypnosis.

You may need some reframing of how you look at the people you work for. The people who put pressure on you at work are paid to do exactly that. It’s not personal. If someone else were in your job, that someone would be pressured just like you are by the same bosses! Your coworkers are all similarly pressured, whether you observe it happening or not. It’s not personal. In fact, I’ll bet your employers like you a lot, or you’d have already been written up and fired. All that pressure they put on you is simple routine management policy. In trance, you can easily reframe how you see the people you work for. They’re flawed human beings, just like you, just doing their job. And you’ll find it easier to bear up under all that pressure. You can shrug it off and get back to work without seething. And this means your results will improve.

Here’s an item that comes up time and again: Are some of your coworkers vicious, negative people? I’ll bet they are. How would you like to be able to work around them without being affected by their negativity? You can’t change them, but you can sure stop letting them get to you. Just because they hate their job doesn’t give them the right to make you feel hateful, too. Just because they complain and moan constantly doesn’t mean that you have to commiserate. It’s easier to be happy around negative people than you think. After all, it isn’t personal, is it? Those nasty coworks complain to everyone, right? They may be pushing your buttons today, but tomorrow that button can be gone. That’s right, gone. And thereby unpushable. And hypnosis works great for making the change happen.

And as a bonus, you will visualize your Ceiling of Excellence to see where yours is set. Is it set too low? Do you need to set higher standards for yourself? Or perhaps yours is set too high, up in the impossible heights of perfectionism. Nothing is more stressful than perfectionism, and no one is more stressed than a perfectionist. Humans are flawed. There is no perfect job, no perfect relationship, no perfect home life, no perfect…well, you get the idea. Once your own Ceiling of Excellence is properly adjusted, your stress levels immediately improve. I even use this technique with golfers and other sportspeople to improve their scores. Works great.

Just think of all the benefits you’ll receive from leaving work at work. You’ll feel better, sleep better, laugh more, and be more creative in your problem solving. Your whole life will change for the better.